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Accepting the Concept of Employing the Firm to Conduct Unannounced, Random Drug Testing of All Employees of the Company I now wish to accept the concept of hiring the company to conduct unannounced, random drug testing for all employees in the factory. This results from maintaining the organization's employee's safety requirements. Drug abusers who handle major industrial machinery put the other workers in risk, so the problem needs to be dealt with before it gets out of hand. The fact that drug abuse cases have been previously reported should prompts the organization for a random drug abuse diagnosis of the employees. The test will help the company to identify and relate the work performance of the employees about the state of his or her health condition.

However the above unannounced drug test to all the company’s employees is a legal risk as some employees might consider taking legal action against the company’s management for good behavior defamation. The legal risk can be minimized by providing evidence of previous drug abuse reports where the company had to pay the employee’s rehabilitation programs to curb alcoholism. Drug abuse incidences were either reported by individual employees or noted by the management due to poor work performance, therefore, there is a need to carry out an unannounced, random drug abuse test of all employees in the company.

I will take the employees complaint about the US Occupation Safety and health act with the seriousness it deserves. This is in order to prevent employers retaliation against the employee and act on the complaint. At workplace it is unacceptable to retaliate against an employee for voicing out his or her concern about protection activities and legal actions can be taken against employers who oppress their employees. Genuine complaints that deal with protection activities at work place need to be addressed accordingly.


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April 13, 2023

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