A Proposal Writing Guide

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Chapter sixteen: Proposal Writing

Chapter sixteen has been dedicated to proposal writing and provides a good outline that can be used to create an internal, external, solicited, or unsolicited proposal. A reader is well guided by a sample of an internal proposal that is well written and presented with explicit comments on the margins. The example gives a clear picture of what a proposal looks like including a structure that can be used as a guideline for writing. Also, the chapter provides easy to understand information and employs well-labeled diagrams. It has incorporated numerous examples of writing proposals that help the reader understand the content better. However, the chapter has been weakened by not integrating the contributions of other experts, researchers, and scholars.

What I Have Learned

The chapter has enriched my understanding of the proposal writing process. I have learned that proposals are given as a bid to either carry out research or to provide a service or product. Writing a complex proposal requires the input of different personnel, and they should stick to a framework of planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading. As a proposal writer one should embark on the process when he or she is sure that they have the resources to carry out the project once a go-ahead is given. In preparing a proposal, it is better to use a network diagram as it provides the readers with more relevant information compared to a bar chart or table. Furthermore, a proposal that is elaborate should conduct a substantial amount of research either primary research, secondary research, or both and have a substantial discussion of the experience and qualifications of the sender.

The information learned from chapter 16 is essential as it helps in the preparing proposals. Some suggestions have been provided by the author that can be used in preparing a professional proposal.

August 21, 2023

Business Literature

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