A Review of the Scottish Government's Children's Services

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Growing up in Scotland (GUS) was launched this was to help in the tracking down of children and their families from birth to teenage. Trained interviewers from GUS would visit the families to gain information on various topics such as family circumstances and experiences. GUS is important in the case that it helps reduce inequalities by looking at risk factors such as poor health. If a parent(s) have not experienced long term health issues then it becomes ineffective.

GIRFEC on the other hand, has helped transform the lives of many children. It urges people to work with young people and children by focusing on what makes a positive difference for the children. This has helped change the way in which children’s needs are identified and met, requiring effective collaboration and practical action.

Building ambitions is a document that helps focus on the needs of each and every child using various indicators and ensure that they are provided for with the best possible support throughout their stages and ages.

Childsmile is a local dental health support, which helps every child from the age of three months to help them receive dental services. This has helped decrease the risks of dental diseases to this children at a vast range. They have various programs of doing this for instance free, daily and supervised tooth brushing.

Setting the table offers guidance on nutritional health. The guidance offered has ensured that it has highlighted the important role played by parents in having good eating behavior in children, also helps in development of social skills and interactions with others.

Daily mile is also another positive initiative that has helped children keep fit and achieve a healthy weight. They have focused on improving the physical and social, emotional and mental health regardless of the age.

August 14, 2023

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