Abbey Road by John Lennon

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Abbey's Impact on the Environmental Movement

Abbey is one of the prominent writers of the 20th century. He is remembered today for his irreverent and impassioned defense of the American uncultivated regions, specifically in the Southwest. Abbey’s nonfiction artistic work of the Desert Solitaire is accredited as the vital source of innovation for the environmental movement.

Concepts of Death and Life in Desert Solitaire

In the Desert Solitaire, Abbey presents multiple concepts of death and life in human nature, animals, and plants. Mainly, in the section of the man who passed on at the Grandview terminus, Abbey’s concepts of eternal rest and life are well explained. Additionally, the chapter offers the foreshadowing of Abbey’s demise and burial. Ultimately, by Abbey’s explanation of the man’s expiration in the book of Desert Solitaire, it is clear why Abbey preferred to be buried in the desert.

The Fulfillment of Death for Abbey

Many people fear to die alone as it is scary, but to Abbey, the act is fulfilling. Further, Abbey draws an explanation of the people’s demise indicating the typical beauty of the activities via the natural eyes. However, the reality of eternal rest casts a black contour on Abbey’s descriptions. For example, Abbey gave the instructions of how he has to be buried. Abbey asserts that what is wiser than love is to make children under the expiration profile. Therefore, Abbey believes that the appropriate method of honoring the dead is to make the funeral fun for all people.

Abbey's Restorative Adventure in the Canyon

Abbey introduces his adventure in the canyon as the restorative way to his journey of the romantic fantasy, a practical knowledge by which Abbey managed to regain back everything which appeared to be ebbing away. Presumably, the responsiveness of his personality claims external to that of the Havasu Canyon. Therefore, from the oft-imitated protection of the medley which folds up many of the second section of the Abbey Road maintains to be enduring and best-loved albums.

August 21, 2023


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