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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy refers to the practice of females under the age of 20 conceiving and bearing children. Teenage pregnancy is a practice or conduct that occurs during sexual intercourse, preferably after the female partner has started ovulating. It is vital to note that her ovulation period can occur either before or after the commencement of her periods. Females have their menstrual period between the ages of 12 and 13 years. It is vital to highlight that teenage pregnancy has the same and similar pregnancy difficulties as other adult women.The concerns that relate to teenage pregnancy as opposed to the pregnancy of mature women is that females under the age of 15 years have a likelihood of experiencing limited physical development that would help in carrying and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. With the biological effect of their age, pregnant teenage girls of between 15 and 19 years are associated with a growing number of different socioeconomic factors. They include premature labor, anemia and low birth weight, which gravely affect their pregnancy as it is connected to their biological age. It is, therefore, the intention of this essay to provide readers with a clear and comprehensive analysis of teen pregnancy. Under this, the paper will identify how prevalent teen pregnancy is to the society as well as the three ways on how to prevent it. Finally, the writer will use the findings within the essay to help enhance the reader's understanding and perception of teenage pregnancy by highlighting some of the key things they have learned.

Teen Pregnancy and Society

Teen pregnancy is an epidemic factor that has not only affected the social stability of the American population but the world as a whole. The issue of teenage pregnancy affects the society in unimaginable ways, thereby leading to the growth and development as the leading social issue across the globe. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the increase of pregnancy among girls below the age of 18 years has irreparable consequences. It is not only life threatening to the sexual and reproductive health, but also violates the rights of the girl child as it fosters an increased developmental cost for communities especially those living in the brick of poverty.

According to additional research

at least one million young men and women between the ages of 15 and 19 years are susceptible to becoming teenage parents. They tend to indulge in unprotected sexual activities, thereby leading to the constant growth and development of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. As a result of this, the increase of teenage pregnancy has vastly improved every year. It is because of this that some different writers such as Kartrina Burchett, who in her book "Choices" accurately and efficiently portrays teenage pregnancy among female adolescent as a leading domestic issue. It is because of this that some people become subconsciously concerned about the growing number of teenage pregnancies. Some different research studies have also brought to life the factor that lack of adequate maturating of physical development in carrying the pregnancy can not only lead to health complications and malnutrition among the young mother but also puts the teenage mothers at the risk of maternal deaths.

Causes of Teen Pregnancies

The increasing number of cases involving teenage pregnancy is by far alarming but not surprising. It is, therefore, to understand that the concept of teenage pregnancy is by far a complex issue that is caused by different factors. Some of the key factors that lead to the growing number of teenage pregnancy include; lack of adequate sex education. Despite the art of industrialization and technological innovations, countries such as India still perceive it as a taboo to talk about sex or introduce the element of sex education in schools. Poverty is another factor that contributes to the increasing number of teen pregnancies. That is, due to limited opportunities, teenage girls from low-income families tend to resort to sexual activities in exchange for money to cater for their personal needs and demands. The act increases the chance of unplanned teenage pregnancies. Peer pressure is another factor that contributes to the growth of teenage pregnancy. It is brought about by the need to please friends and acquire a sense of belonging to a particular social group. Growing up in nuclear families can also contribute to teen pregnancy.

Some girls from these families lack adequate guidance from elders within their families as a result of limited attention. However, one major problem that gives room to the rise of teenage pregnancy is awareness. Study after study has demonstrated that teenagers, especially the sexually active girls who resort to using contraceptives in a bid to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, lack adequate information and awareness on how to use the said contraceptive to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancy and at the same time protect themselves against STIs. Other factors that contribute to the concept of teenage pregnancy include sexual abuse, teen dating violence, early puberty and the excessive use of drugs and alcohol as well as media influences.

Effects of Teen Pregnancies

The consequences of teenage pregnancy have become diverse, thereby making it difficult for both the teenage mother and the newborn to adopt into their new and changing social environment. Therefore, it is of great essence to understand that the concept of teenage pregnancy by far affects the education and potential of the girl child as it forces them to drop out of school in a bid nurse their pregnancy. This ultimately threatens their future opportunities as well as the general economic prospects of the country. By this, it can be argued that teenage pregnancy has socioeconomic, medical and psychological effects on the concept of gestation and parenthood among teenagers. For example, it leads to an increased sense of poverty and the need for social support among the young parents due to lack of employment or a stable income generating activity. Further, the concept of teenage pregnancy has created a barrier to social interaction between the young and new mother, and her age groups. A mother spends most of her time nursing and worrying about her child rather than building new and stable social networks.

Curbing Teenage Pregnancies

Additionally, teenage pregnancy contributes to the growing cases of divorces since the young mothers are not entirely mature. Other than this, the young mother also risks going through a series of depression while the child probably born pre-mature and under-weight has high chances of dying within the first six months of birth. The art of childbearing is an uphill task that takes a toll on both the mental and physical well-being of the mother. Teenage mothers lack the necessary knowledge and skills to cater for themselves and that of their child. Therefore, measures should be taken to enable teenagers to make the right decision at the right time to avoid unplanned pregnancies; These measures include the introduction of sex education in schools. This would help provide adequate information and create relevant awareness which will contribute to encourage an open dialogue between health care systems and sexually active teenager in a way that is confidential and non-judgmental. This, as a result, will contribute to increase the need for abstinence among sexually active teens. The creation of public policy would help to create public awareness on the relevance of the use of contraceptives. This would further help in increasing and providing families with adequate planning services that are ideal for empowering their teenage daughters on the way to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy.


In all this, I have come to actively learn that although teenage pregnancy is a global epidemic, teenagers are perceived as adults by right and children by duty. That is, they have the freedom and right to indulge in sexual activities at will. However, with relevant information and constant awareness, they can protect as well as prevent the rise in teenage pregnancy across the globe.


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April 19, 2023



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