Advertisements have hidden messages,

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Advertisements and the Use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Advertisements include secret messages, sayings, and signals that aid in catching the viewer's attention. The ads contain various components that appeal to the viewer and thereby promote a stronger message. The concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos aid in capturing the attention of audiences and eliciting feelings towards the product being sold. Advertising is designed to entice audiences by using rationality, authenticity, and feelings. The Nike Company, for example, uses the phrase "Weave your way to immortality." The promotional slogan was effective in selling Nike merchandise and garnering positive interest from the public. The company avails its products everywhere and does everything right to reach the customers. The company, using ethos and popular warrants in their campaigns thus sells more products. The slogan motivates the athletes to wake up and achieve the best in life. Nike makes advertisement uses logical fallacies to persuade the viewers that their products are the best.

The Use of Ethos in Nike's Advertisements

The Nike Company over the years worked with great athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Robinho, and Carmelo Anthony. The famous athlete use products from the company. The celebrities give the Nike products to elicit strong ethos in advertisement campaigns. The logical thinking behind the approach is that the famous athletes can only use the 'best' products which are designed and made by Nike. The audiences tend to believe the professional athletes that promote and support Nike incorporation thus give it better ethos when appealing to the viewers. Viewers would want to purchase athletic gear worn by the professional athletes.

Ethos and Pathos Seen in Nike's Advertisement with Robinho

In the Nike advertisement, Robinho is about to score a goal and has the phrase 'Weave the way to immortal'. In the photo, Robinho concentrates and looks to have a strong feeling as he plays soccer. The use of a soccer figure such as Robihno helps in envisaging of ethos in the picture. Ethos is evident as Robinho is a well-known soccer star and incredible player in the soccer community. The player comes from a footballing country Brazil and played for great football clubs. The player incredibly helps in advertising the game of soccer. Instead of picking on an average or unknown player, the company chose a popular and liked character. Robinho commands respect and is admired by many around the world. The advertisement slogan proved to effectively sell Nike products and gain strong support from the audience. The company avails its products everywhere and does everything right to reach the customers. The company, using ethos and popular warrants in their campaigns thus sells more products.

Pathos and Emotions in Nike's Advertisement

The determination on the face suggests and one can feel the passion, love Robinho has for the sport. The photo portrays the pathos and emotions. Professional sportsmen are always serious with their career and therefore show dedicates much practice time to improve their skills. Dedication and loyalty are vital requirements to grow the best an individual athlete can be. Proper preparations play an important role in all games and sports. Emotions appeal to the audience who would want to emulate great athletes like Robinho. The audience feels and gains the optimism that they can achieve success such as Robinho.

The Use of Pathos and Logos in Nike's Slogan

The slogan 'Weave Your Way to Immortal' appeals to the emotions of the audience within the advertising campaigns. The pathos is perhaps the strongest elements of the pitch at Nike sales. The company gained ethos and support from professional athletes are compatible with the audience. Consequently, the support affects the pathos of campaigns as the audience views the professional athletes as normal people or they were regular people at one time. The audience gains the feeling that they too can achieve the best and become famous such as Robinho and other athletes. The advertisement from Nike Company shows that the products boost individuals in becoming pros in their respective games. 'Weave the way to Immortal' slogan triggers a personal emotion thus deals strongly with pathos. The campaign appeals to the pathos of the audience because the athlete practices the sport of their choice. Nike supports athletes working hard to become the best in the world. Pathos assists in inspiring young footballers who go out to buy soccer boots and jerseys. The drive comes from the advertisement seen on TV or in article magazines. Emotions emanate from the inner-self making individuals act on their preceding thoughts. Successful people must first have the drive to achieve the best and be on top of their game. Appealing to powerful emotions is the reason pathos is essential to Nike's advertising campaigns.

The Role of Logos in Nike's Slogan

The logos in the slogan indicates that in order to be like the professional athletes, every individual needs to be the best. The athletes promoting certain Nike products indicate that the products are the best. The 'Weave the way to immortal' warrants everyone to become the best and the words are enough to make it happen. The sports gear from Nike makes individuals feel like winners, therefore observes the cause and effect fallacy. It is the hope of the company that the audience would read the slogan and nudge the right direction.

The Effectiveness of Nike's Advertising Campaigns

There are many slogans a company can use in their advertising campaigns. The slogans can make the audience laugh, touch heartstrings, or use facts to the audience. However, not all slogans in the campaigns are motivators or relatable to every audience type. The adverts hold strong ethos that uses a list of professional athletes such as Robinho. The audience easily associates themselves with successful athletes seen to use the best products from Nike. The slogan 'Weave the way to immortal' appeals and drives the audience to take actions to become the best. The campaigns appeal to a wide variety of potential customers, whether athletes or not. Pathos in the advertisement campaigns leads to strong emotional appeals and desires to become the best and regarded as a pro in the sport of choice.


The advertisement makes use of logos, pathos, and logos as well as logical fallacies to appeal to the popular. The fallacy in the advert led to the use a popular athlete to attract the attention of the potential customers. Robinho is a popular soccer idol admired around the world attracts many into liking and supporting the products advertised. Robinho appeals and inspires young and old soccer fans. Overall, the advertisement gains acceptance due to the advertising technique of ethos, logos, and pathos. The audiences have the feeling that the Nike products will make them feel, offer the same passion and motivation such as Robinho.

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