Affirmative action and abortion Research Essay

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Affirmative action is a collection of rules, regulations, managerial practices, and guidelines intended to end and eliminate specific types of discrimination. These include government mandates, government penalties, and openly giving special attention to historically excluded groups like women and racial minorities. Voluntary private lineups that frequently concentrate on access to employment and education are also included. (Walsh, 2016).

A state law that significantly restricts abortion clinics is currently being contested by Texas in the state's top court in an effort to protect women's health. Continually, Walsh (2016). The clinics are required by the law to reach the same standard as ambulatory surgery centers and to force doctors to have admitting freedoms at nearby hospitals

. The state has about 5.4 million women of procreative age, yet the law tends to leave only nine fully operative abortion clinic.

The law has been upheld by two lower federal courts, but abortion right proponent says women seeking the abortion will have many burdens, without a justified health advantage. A practical outcome could signify the most substantial abortion choice by the court ever since 1992 (Walsh, 2016).

The issues surrounding affirmative action, in this case, is that the women who need to do abortion will have many burdens and also nine hospitals cannot serve more than 5.4 million women of reproductive age. The action of the court to protect the health of women is firmly right, but they should adjust the requirement of this clinics so that many numbers of women can reach the hospitals and access the services they want (Walsh, 2016).

Affirmative action has played a significant role in the state. Some of the advantages we get from affirmative action are:

Affirmative action always champion for minority hence there is no discrimination, racism and gender bias hence increased diversity

Affirmative action has a great impact on the minority. The children of the minority are subjected to poverty and many other disturbing things. But through this law, the children get the support they need to succeed. This encourages increasing opportunity to the people (Cahn, 2013)

The law enforces harsh and strict punishment on anybody found guilty of attacking a person regarding their gender, race or sexual orientation. This makes people behave and reduce hatred.

The low court ruling in favor of this case have some advantages:

Women will get quality health care from qualified medics

It is easy to collect statistic from well-known clinics for sampling and analysis

The number of disorders obtained due to unqualified doctors or lack of facilities will reduce.

Affirmative action has also got some critics such that:

There are low standards for education and employment. This is very discouraging since people should operate on the same level as others and it may promote racism to happen among the group feeling sad for the superior treat of the others (Cahn, 2013).

Affirmative action law only protects one group and leave the remaining group feeling bad. This can contribute to reverse racism. It also gives people a sense of prerogative and moody towards the majority.

Affirmative action highly protects the minority group hence making them lazy and dependent on affirmative action (Cahn, 2013)

In above case, the negative of upholding the ruling by Supreme Court are:

Hospitals will be congested

The cost of doing abortion will be high due to fewer hospitals

Many working on closed clinics will be jobless

Affirmative action has been used to correct many cases in United States, but one instance leads to another since not all parties are to fulfilled with the rulling. It has also resulted in mismatch hence it is a fail project. It's therefore recommended to stop at some point.


Walsh, K. C. (2016). THE COURT AFTER SCALIA. First Things, (266), 45.

Cahn, S. M. (2013). The affirmative action debate. Routledge.

July 15, 2023

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