Amy Winehouse's Bitter Soul

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THESIS: Every human being has to go through the pain that comes with losing someone or going through a break-up and this can either make or break a person.

I.    What it takes to live the reality of a bitter soul.

a.)    We have to go through immeasurable pain and do whatever it takes to relieve off the pain.

b.)    We often regret having done things that we shouldn’t have done in the process of healing a bitter soul.

c.)    Once you heal from a bitter soul, it is likely for you to become an egomaniac.

II.    A detailed examination of the song “Back to black” and “like a friend”

a.)     The similarities and differences between the two songs.

III.    Love as a mass destructive weapon.

a.)    What comes later after healing a heartbreak is fear and despair.

b.)    How to avoid destruction after a break-up.

The Strength, Corruption, And Confusion Of Love.


A bitter soul is what you get after going through pain caused by losing someone in the event of a heartbreak or even death. Once you feel that you have given all that you can in a relationship but you end up getting crushed over and over again and you can take it no more, slowly by slowly your emotional strengths turn into bitterness and all the love you felt turns into regret and pain.     In most cases just like Amy Winehouse, for you to relieve off the pain caused by a broken heart, you end up doing the things that would get you distracted from the reality and for a drug user like Amy, she mentions “going back to black” meaning back to “heroin” as it is called which somehow helps her in sinking in the reality of having lost her loved one to someone else.

            The thought that mostly comes after going through a break up is “I should have done this” and “I shouldn’t have done this”. This is in other words Regret. You, later on, look back to the good old memories you shared as a couple, the bumpy road that you went through and all the sacrifices you made and finally realize that it was all for nothing, and you begin to wish that if the world could just go back in time, you would have not done it the same way. Once you heal from a bitter soul, you either despise the one you once loved and develop an ego towards them and this is clearly seen in the song “like a friend”, where pulp says “it’s lucky for you that we’re friends”.

            The song back to black and like a friend has some similar comparisons such as both songs are based on love and heartbreak. They talk of the pain and bitterness that comes with a broken heart. However, there are some differences in the two songs for example, in the back to black song, “you go back to her and I go back to black” speaks of too much loneliness and hurt. The writer seems to be vulnerable and with no hope to live as compared to “like a friend” where there is the use of metaphors at the end, and words full of regret, despair, and emptiness. Although in this song, the writer seems to be of a strong character and instead of feeling hurt he develops an ego and feels a lot of regret, build up anger and an empty soul.

            Love is a destructive weapon. By this, it means that what is thought to be a happy ever after feeling in most cases turns out to be a life full of pain, sadness, despair, and fear. During the process of healing a heartbreak, it is inevitable for one to develop the fear of being alone and not feeling wanted and loved.


At one point or the other in life, we all have to go through the pain of losing someone and what defines you is how to deal with the process. The only way you can get over a heartbreak is by allowing positive people around you, and doing the things that will get you destructed from the reality.

August 21, 2023


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