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My husband and I chose to be a childless relationship due to the expectations that each of us has based on our job schedules. We both have extremely demanding careers - I am a nurse and my husband is a surgeon - so we are constantly on the go. As a result, we did not see the necessity to have a kid in such circumstances. Furthermore, we are career-oriented people, and children are not a priority for my husband and me because we do not consider them a vital part of the marriage.  According to Berk, “Childlessness has increased steadily from 9% in 1975 to 20% today with similar occurrences in other western nations” (Berk, 390). Kate was able to live a satisfactory life without a child despite the fact that the society her to get pregnant as a natural consequence of getting married. Nevertheless, the occupation that she and her husband Paul have gives them the satisfaction they both need, and therefore, the need of a child is not as important as it is for most people. Berk states that among many reasons for voluntary childlessness the main one is career which is an important consideration (390). Both Kate and Paul esteemed their careers even before they got married and for them a child is basically out of the picture.

My opinion is if the priority of a couple is their individual careers then voluntary childlessness is a wise idea. Nevertheless, according to Berk, if the state of childlessness is involuntary then it can become a cause for dissatisfaction in marriage (390).

Works Cited

Berk, Laura E. Exploring Lifespan Development (3rd Ed). Allyn and Bacon, 2014.

April 26, 2023




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