An instituational critique essay

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My high school experience in California as a Muslim student was marked by bigotry and unequal treatment based on my race and faith. The school's institutional ethos is focused on Biblical values and the unfair treatment of white Americans. The administration system within the school is set up in such a manner that all pupils, regardless of religious affiliation, must follow the school's existing standards and regulations.
Despite the fact that the school has an outstanding academic record thanks to its well-qualified and professional teachers, the school does not value students' religious values. Since I was a Muslim student alongside other few Muslim students, the school went too far by not only curtailing our religion but by also forcing us to attend Christian’s services regularly.  Besides, the school exhibited increased white dominance to the level that other minority groups such as the Muslims and Black Americans were treated unfairly.

Based on these negative experiences it is apparent that the institution failed considerably in its mandate to foster the freedom of association and respect for individual religious beliefs envisaged in the American constitution.  In its role as a leading educational institution, the school ought to foster students’ unity by serving as a role model in valuing and appreciating the rights of students from other ethnicities and religious background. The school must exercise tolerance by putting in place appropriate measures that give the Muslim students a chance to associate and worship. At all times the institution should train its teaching and non-teaching staff to respect and treat equally the entire students during their daily endeavors. By adopting these changes the school would reduce and ultimately abolish all incidences of discrimination and unfair treatment based on religious affiliation minority students. 



July 24, 2021
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