An Overview of Punjabi Culture

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The Punjabi culture is based on the joint family, wherein sons and their families live in the parents' household. While the men tend to oversee the family's business activities, the women are the primary caretakers of the home. Women in the peasant farmer caste do agricultural work, while men work for hire as manual laborers or agricultural workers. Here is a brief overview of the Punjabi culture.

Mool Dasha

Mool Dasha is a very important festival in Punjabi culture. Punjabi superstitions are often based on the movements of the heavenly bodies, and they are often based on imitative magic. For example, Shani and Mangal are considered malefic planets, and those born under their influence are referred to as Mangleek and must marry someone born under a malefic planetary position.

churidar kurta

The churidar kurta is a traditional Indian clothing that is worn by men and women. Men usually wear them with a kurta, and women usually wear them as part of a skirt and bodice ensemble. The churidar was first worn by princely families in the northern subcontinent, and the practice was soon adopted by the general population in Punjab. The churidar kurta, also known as ghuttana, was introduced to Britain's Punjab province in the 19th century by soldiers from Lucknow.


The dance of Giddha in Punjabi culture originated from the ancient ring dance. While Bhangra is performed by men, Giddha is performed exclusively by women. Performing this dance is a great way to celebrate any occasion and is one of the most popular forms of Punjabi culture. Although it has no specific innovations, it is a lively, vibrant dance performed by Punjabi women. The Giddha dance is an excellent example of the cultural diversity of the Punjab.


One of the most popular festivals in the Punjab is the festival of Sammi. This dance is performed in celebration of the Goddess of Love. In this dance, the women wear different styles of hair. While some of them wear turbans and patkas, others join the dance bareheaded. This Punjabi dance is a great way to express homosexuality. It is accompanied by a drum beat and a throng of people.


The most important festival of the year in Punjab is Lohri. The festival falls on the longest night of the year, which is also known as the winter solstice. It is an auspicious occasion for couples, as it marks the arrival of a baby. During the festival, couples perform pheras, or circumambulations around the bonfire. They light a small fire and offer food to Agni Dev, the Hindu god of fire. It is believed that offering food to the fire will cleanse the atmosphere and remove negativity.

Sikh mysticism

The art of Sikh mysticism in Punjabi culture is the way to attain infinite ecstasy. The Sikh mystic rises above all finite boundaries and lives in the infinite. He would leap to come up with new designs. Art, unlike religion, caste, and pedigree, is unbound by the arbitrary boundaries of time and space. The Sikh mystic lives every moment without manmade restrictions.

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