Analysis of A Star is Born (2018)

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The film A Star Is Born

The film A Star Is Born is an awe-inspiring Hollywood movie of the time. It is the fourth re-creation of a tale dated back in the 1930s with the ecstatic, luminous, and intimate vibe. The ideology behind the A Star Is Born is the paraphernalia of scientific mythology. For a single star to be born, another must burn out. The world has a supernatural mechanism of ceiling its potential star count. The latest version of the film stands out to be the fourth remake that bears both the plot arc and the title regarding one-star thriving while another blurring. The paper briefly reviews the film A Star Is Born (2018).

A Star Is Born (2018)

A Star Is Born is a film released in 2018 as the fourth American re-creation melodrama romantic film with Bradley Cooper as the director and producer and co-writer together with Will Fetters, Eric Roth. The story is based on two main movie stars: Bradley Cooper who plays as Jackson Maine and Lady Gaga who plays as Ally. The musician Jackson is an addictive alcoholic and aging man slowly sending his occupation into a downward spiral. On the other hand, Ally is a struggling artist who is almost giving up in her life before she meets Jackson who rekindles her life. Despite Jackson's behavior, he is good enough to help Ally explore her potential by helping her pursue her dream of singing and acting. The two eventually fall in love, but Ally has a feeling that personal side of the relationship is collapsing because of the ongoing battle of alcoholism that Jack was undergoing.

Themes of Love, Addiction, and Alcoholism

The main theme in the movie revolves around love, addiction, and alcoholism. The story predominantly focuses on love between Jack and Ally who find a deep connection towards each other. Jack (a falling star) is a soft-hearted blues-rock megastar, wounded and in the film plays with bruised gruffness. However, his addiction to alcohol puts his career at stake. The movie clearly illustrates how love can get us into the worst and best versions of ourselves.

A Cinematic Experience

A Star Is Born is one of the films that attempt to harness all cinematic possibilities to make your heart melt. It is furnished with instantly memorable clichés and songs. Although it is not a perfect movie, it passionately covers up the narrative hiccups by swinging from intimate drama to concert movie and back with limpid fluidity and pace. The choice of words choices used is perfectly natural and modern-day. It is unbelievable to imagine watching the movie and not being moved.

The Message of the Movie

To sum up, love cannot conquer all things; scars run deep. However, it is through love that jealousy fades. A star is born is undeniably a highly produced, swirling Hollywood melodrama with something to comment about the world set in regarding what it takes to stay a human in the core of celebrity-making industry that would instead force them to conform to certain standards. The message portrayed is that it's not always about being perfect, we stay true because other people see and love us for who we are.

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September 25, 2023




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