Analysis of Aeschylus' Oresteia

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1. The work looks at the ways of life in Athens. People had different roles to play in this kingdom

2. What customs were often practiced in this region? Secondly, why do we witness to much greed for power in this area?


Creon: this was the king of Corinth

Aegeus: he was the king of Athens

Chorus: This refers to the women of Corinth


Gaia: the term means earth

Ouranos: the term means sky

Pontus: the term refers to the black sea

Phoebus: the term means shining

5. I can identify a theme of love, anger, sadness, and love among others

6. The most important part of the work was the act executed by Medea to his daughters. It further symbolized that there are various mechanisms that can be applied to solve particular issues.

7. You have left Medea alone, doesn’t she need you? The line offered a great expression of the theme of love by the tutor

8. I was surprised by the ritual conducted by Medea as the daughters watched

9. I was shocked with the mode of expressions demonstrated by the various characters

10. The work makes me have the urge to love. The feeling is derived from the acts of care and love shown to children by their parents. Witnessing a child comply with the directives provided makes an individual feel appreciated.

11. There is a need to share this work with students. It is based on the perception that students need to gain better communication and analytical skills after reading this work. Additionally, the work presents a variety of vocabulary that would be of help during communication.

12. Engaging

November 24, 2023


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