Analysis of Ella Fitzgerald's "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"

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From the three versions, Ella Fitzgerald's song was fascinating. In the first stanza of the poem, the artist uses a lot of questions to the audience. Evidently, this is an ideal way of capturing a listener. When you use rhetorical questions, the singer engages the listeners. Apart from listening to the lyrics, the audience indulges in the process of inquiring about the topic that the singer is addressing. One of the issues about Jazz is that it provides the opportunity for the audience to get the message of the singer. Unlike other genres of music which the beats are louder than the voice of the singer, in Jazz, the focus is on the words in the song. As such, the rhetorical questions in the song as they help in increasing the attention of the audience in listening to the subsequent parts of the song. In this case, the listener concentrates since he or she wants to find out if the artist has the solutions to the questions being posed to the audience. Evidently, Fitzgerald's approach is ideal in triggering an analytical approach to the lyrics. Another significant element in Fitzgerald's song is that between the second and third stanza there is an interlude that involves playing instruments. I found this to be appropriate since it reduces boredom. When one listens to lyrics for a long time, he or she might fail to concentrate. However, the decision to include instruments breaks the monotony of listening to the lyrics. Also, the interlude is vital since it gives the audience the time to reflect on the issues that were addressed in the first and second stanza.

October 05, 2023

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