Analysis of Fix You by Coldplay

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The Song "Fix You by Coldplay"

The Song "Fix You by Coldplay" is a very popular hence one can easily relate to. The attempt to touch on issues faced on a daily basis is mind blowing. Basing on the clear themes presented, the song can be used in various ceremonies and events. There is a hidden meaning mapped on to the song that brings profound feeling. This is more or less a motivational song that relates to things that we go through in life. This peace is an encouragement since it renders the understanding that bad things are there to give us strength. According to the lyrics, when bad things happen to us, it is not a time to hide from people but instead to seek help.

The Assured Hope

The song assures that although life gets tougher and bad things occur, there is hope which fixes everything. This song appears like a dedication to someone that lost a close person. Through the various literary devices used, the song makes the message clearer. Alliteration is used extensively in the lyrics especially in the words "when you get what you want, but not what you need" The Ws are repetitive hence it fits with the rhythm of the song. Through the beats and rhythmic projections, the listener is engaged to it.

The Power of Symbolism and Rhetoric Questions

The song integrates hyperbole that is apparent in the words "Lights will guide you home/and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you" These words seem to illuminate the entire message of the song. The author uses exaggerations to show how much power the light has on a person facing the difficulty. The use of symbolism is noted for instance the light signifies the bystander. The use of rhetoric question is seen through the words "when you love someone, but it goes to waste, could it be worse?" These rhetoric questions evoke some emotional reflection to the listener.

An Eye-Opener

In the overall, the song is an eye-opener that allows people to accept the pain and move on after a loss or difficulty. The people listening to this song are expected to be open minded. This encourages the listener given that everyone experiences difficulties in life. The story features a girl that is confused after experiencing loses until someone fixed her. The pain of losing a loved one is so much that she does not sleep.

The Emotional Journey and Reflection

Although the song is slow as it begins the speed picks up when the chorus is sung and flows smoothly. Towards the end of the song, much of the guitar is played hence giving the listener, a connection to the music. The guitar plays as a solo for a while hence signifying the time for reflection. The mood of despair and sadness is clearly depicted in the song. It is all about raising someone's quality of life through quality of life.

A Poem of Comfort

This masterpiece is just like a poem written to soothe someone going through pain. This is easy to follow and sing along. The literary devices present make it easier to understand and relate to the song at various levels. Although it is a dedicated to someone grieving, it may be a love song as well to help one move on with life regardless of the pain. The song specifically creates the understanding that pain is normal and other people have or are about to experience it too.

October 05, 2023

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