Analysis of Gatsby

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In the first paragraph

Gatsby takes daisy to see his house. He uses the long way instead of taking the shortcut to his house. When they reach the house, daisy is fascinated by the house and while in the house, they move from one room to another as Gatsby shows his wealth to Daisy. In this paragraph, Nick explains how they entered by the big postern. A postern is a back gate which is distinct from the main gate, therefore, having a big postern symbolizes that main house is big. Also, the mentioning of plum blossom and jonquils can be seen to symbolize beauty or hope. In the first paragraph, Nick has used alliterations with the words “we went” and “but bird”. The mentioning of the pale gold odour of kiss-me-at-the-gate is used in the paragraph as an analogy of the materialistic mindset of America.

In the second paragraph

The three have entered the house. Nick felt that here were guests hidden behind furniture and they were told to hold still until they passed. In the paragraph, there is the quote, "I felt that there were guests concealed behind every couch and table." This symbolism shows that the big house needs to be filled to fulfill its purpose. Diction has also been incorporated into the same statement when Nick felt that there were people hiding behind the furniture and when he swore that he heard the owl laughing. Gatsby has a big house but when Nick and Daisy enter it, they find it is empty. The emptiness of the house juxtaposes with the size of the house. Alliteration has been used in the words “that there”.

In the third paragraph

The three went upstairs to explore the house and they came into contact with Mr Klipspringer and how Gatsby won’t stop staring at Daisy and how his life revolves around hers. In this paragraph, Gatsby evaluates everything of Daisy. Nick is quoted saying, “he hadn’t once ceased looking at a daisy, and I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes.” Mr Klipspringer's significance in the paragraph shows he was happy to use Gatsby for a place to stay and that he was the only person who knew the real Gatsby. In the paragraph, alliteration can be seen in the words “we went”, “intruding into”, and “and an Adam”. When the three intrude Mr Klipspringer doing exercises to stimulate his liver, this shows that it is a routine in a social circle where heavy drinking takes place.

In the fourth paragraph

Gatsby takes Daisy and Nick into his room which contrasts with the rest of the house. His room is a place he spends a lot of time, and it’s usually only for himself. In the paragraph, Nick is quoted stating that “his bedroom was the simplest form of all-except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold.” This shows how successful Gatsby is and wealthy, unlike how he was back in the day when he was in love with Daisy before he went to war. Imagery is also used in the paragraph when Nick is quoted saying, “-except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold.” This can show how rich Gatsby is or it can show how he has a heart of gold. Inside the big house, Gatsby’s room which is described as the simplest room juxtaposes with the entire house which is huge. Alliteration has been used with the words “her hair.”

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