Analysis of Post Malone's I Fall Apart

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Music Concert by Post Malone

Music is a powerful art that brings people together. The preparation and the performance on stage profoundly determine the degree of the success of the event. This article aims to describe a music concert by Post Malone held at Houston, Texas on 27 October 2017, with a specific focus on his song I Fall Apart.

Description of the Event

The event was composed of charged fans who sang along to the lyrics of the songs. The mood was mixed as fans reacted differently with the changing tones throughout the performance. However, fans sang along throughout the event which was a good experience. The concert was entirely different from other previous shows I have attended in the sense that most of the fans were well behaved: unlike other performances where most of the fans are drank and misbehave. My experience at the concert pretty matched or even my expectations as Post Malone performed for a longer duration, more than many famous artists who only give a few minutes of their time.

Moreover, the location of the event was very strategic to many significant amenities and easily accessible. Also, the event planning was very efficient, the event started on time and exceeded well past the allocated time because of the charged atmosphere, it was not easy to notice time move very fast. The event was somewhat informal after the curtain-raising from local artists, a host of local officials present were acknowledged, and Post Malone was invited and began to perform right away. The concert significantly helped change my view towards Post Malone. Before the concert, I had little interests in his songs and paid little attention towards his lyrics. However, my friend convinced to attend the event, and I can say for sure I was much transformed. At the concert, I had the chance to pay more attention to his songs lyrics- I was mainly captured by the song I Fall Apart. After the event, I learnt not judge things at face value but instead give a chance of trials before having an opinion.

Analysis of the song I Fall Apart

The song's texture was a combination of both thick and thin textures. At various points, more music patterns were played together while at some points fewer patterns were employed. For instance, in the beginning, the texture was thin while as the song progressed to climax the pattern thickened and eventually thinned towards the end of the performance leaving fans in suspense. Further, the performance utilized various types of instrumentation throughout the performance to portray different moods. As the performance began, the instrumentation was majorly polyphonic then gradually increased to even incorporate independent melodies.

What I Fall Apart is a mix of rap and blues both performed at intervals by Post Malone himself. Considering the blues and rap part of the music, the form I Fall Apart can be categorized as blues or tertiary in regards to the repetitive elements of the rap section. The style of the song incorporates a variety of styles such as blues, rap and little jazz.


The concert was an ultimate experience, and I would not hesitate to attend another such event. I learnt great values through the event, and I believe Post Malone is a talented artist who understands stage management and crowd involvement. His ability to incorporate different aspects of music enables his song to appeal to a variety of fans.

October 05, 2023


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