Analysis of Rhetoric Strategies Used in a Super Bowl Advertisement

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Is there a 'right' way to capture an audience's attention and maintain it throughout? This essay focuses on analyzing the effectiveness of one particular Super Bowl announcement released in 2014 by Microsoft. By utilizing a strong logos showing exactly how technology has changed the world and people's lives, a great ethos by concentrating on the use of a well-known former NFL player, Steve Gleason and finally the use of a strong pathos associated with its audience sense and feeling of happiness, joy, and hope; the commercial makes a highly compelling argument to technology users that Microsoft is the best technology as it not only focuses on its commercial needs but also focuses on improving lives.

The advertisement had the goal of reaching out to all individuals who are interested in technology and its advancements. The commercial connects with individuals who have to bare long distance relationships as it shows them how Microsoft technology can be effectively used to share memorable moments together (Microsoft). It also connects with medical institutions and professionals as it demonstrates how the use of Microsoft software can better work performance. Furthermore, the promotional advert calls on to individuals who are handicapped either physically or mentally. It demonstrates that Microsoft software can improve their living standards (Microsoft).

Logos gets utilized as the advert demonstrates the impacts that technology already has made. It shows individuals with disabilities who have used technology successfully. It shows the use of prosthetics, a technological advancement, through a little boy (Microsoft). The demonstration of one of America's triumphant shuttles to space appeals to the audience reasoning because travel to the moon has already taken place and the deployment of satellites into space. Microsoft also shows its technology already in the market through the pop up that appears with a lady scrolling through Microsoft features such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.

The publicity demonstrates use of ethos through the incorporation of former NFL player Steve Gleason who was diagnosed with a disease called ALS which causes difficulty in verbal communication. Through Microsoft devices, Gleason can communicate with the audience. Gleason has experienced firsthand how an illness can impact a person's life and how technology can change the same life. This makes him trustworthy and enables him to connect with those that are mentally or physically handicapped as well. The use of doctors in the advert also who control x-rays is a great ploy of attracting the audience since doctors are already highly respected.

The employment of pathos relating with the audiences' feeling makes the commercial effective. Emotions get sparked as Gleason is given the power to communicate (Barness). The fact that Microsoft can give him a voice ignites feelings of joy and happiness. Feelings of hope and inspiration are brought up through the small child playing baseball with prosthetic legs. Moreover, a soldier who is able to see his newborn baby delivery through a video call brings up feelings of love and excitement. Microsoft provides feelings of hope and peace to its audience when Steve Gleason's voice says, “It inspires us. Technology has taken us places we've only dreamed" (Microsoft). The audience feels a warm connection to technology immediately.

In conclusion, knowing how to effectively communicate by utilizing rhetoric strategies is vital in ensuring you are able to grasp the attention and get your message across in the long run. The 2014 Microsoft Super Bowl commercial which was launched employing kairos related to the perfect timings was capable of efficiently persuading a large-sized public and has continued to attract the attention of various individuals from all around the globe due to its careful employment of rhetoric strategies. The video which was very convincing received highly constructive feedback and generated hope for the hopeless.

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August 21, 2023


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