Analysis of The Movie Noah

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The production of princess movies by Disney

The production of princess movies by Disney rakes in huge profit because the movie is an animated fantasy film that tries to offer new and original takes. The concept of love at fight sight plays out in the movie and also raises the issue what love really means. The movie features a contradiction of close characters, for instance, the film presents a complicated relationship between sisters who care for each other. However, they misunderstood and miscommunicate with each other, thus separating them. Sibling rivalry is a key characteristic of Disney movies and is present in the present movie that focuses on personal fulfillment at expense of an evil other.

Horror Movies


A good horror movie should cause a person to fear, leave on in suspense and a spoiler. The movie should be riddled with surprise. These criterion established by Stephen King on the characteristics of an excellent movie are in order, I agree with them. This is because if the movie does not evoke a sense of fear and surprise, then it cannot be different from thriller movies. I would add that the film should contain spooky music and disfigurement. King asserts that horror movie may provide psychic relief because the invitation to lapse into simplicity, irrationality and even madness are extended so rarely. He further provides that a good movie is most aggressive and that appreciates the negatives of film that is not accepted in civilized society. Otherwise, if these elements are absent, then it is a bad horror movie.


He asserts that anti-civilization moments don't go away, they only demand periodic exercise. The example of sick joke and insanity by King serves to depict a dark humor. He further asserts that a mythic horror film, just like a sick joke, has a dirty job to do. A horror movie just like a dirty joke appeals to all that is worst of us. A good movie horror is intended to surprise a person, that why even those who are courageous are surprised at some point and may scream.



Religious films are popular because they entertain and at the same time teach religious doctrine. The films are based on stories from the religious sacred book such as the bible. The main characters and episode are well captured in a sacred book, the film only reaffirm what is written. However, the problem with religious films is that they are often inherently dishonest because they feature explicit evangelism. These films, like that of Noah, presents the religious people as the most enviable or admirable character while non-religious are castigated. 

Tomb Raider


Taljonick starts by saying that the main character is inexperienced gun user than the previous character who knew how to use the gun. Her inexperience is depicted early on due to her inaccurate and weak shots. The new Lara Croft is adventurous while the old Clara who is dead was a dolled-up gun-slinger. Tomb Rider

is a survival horror than action adventure. Friends do not support her. It is further noted that Tomb Raider is not about fighting. He recommends buying the video game because it presents various challenges that are thrilling. The game has an expert sense of pacing, has a captivating setting and dark tone that create a truly memorable experience. He concludes by saying that the Definitive Edition is a superior version, a clear indicator that despite its weaknesses, it is better than the old edition.

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