Anti-Slavery Movement

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I hope every reader will carefully peruse this publication. It shows how well acquainted the men in other parts of the globe are siding with our National System. This shows that Priesthood is everywhere. This is a full question to answer “Why don’t they attend our anti-slavery meetings?” It is not known to everyone, that there was no presence of a single minister apart from a few. Mr. Wicksteed who was present at both Anti-slavery meetings and made a speech in both, he was alone in his glory. No member of the clergy was present including a Methodist, Baptist or a Churchman. There are reports that it is much of the same in other towns. Most are asking why there is the absence of Ministers at the meeting. 

I fear our answer to the question may be right. It was not because they think slavery is a happy and natural state for man. It was not because they wished to perpetuate slavery. It was not because they favored the National system. Instead, they would celebrate to see slavery abolition. They regard slavery as the greatest curse of humanity. They view it as a crime they perfectly know that slavery is cruelty to humanity. They know slavery is a system of chains, insults, and violence in every form. They are not ignorant that slavery prevails where a father loses his offspring to horrible generals. They are aware it increases men’s selfishness and hardens the hearts of slaves (Evening Bulletin, 1988).

They are aware of corruption in churches regarding slavery. They know the deacons, members, church elders and leaders are involved in slaveholding. Independents holding independents, Methodists are found holding Methodists, missionary societies are supported by forced earnings and price received at slave auctions. They are aware millions of slaves are held in abject cruelty in the United States. The ministers are aware of this and wishful that the evils be put to halt.  What was the reason then? The ministers were afraid of advocating for slaves' rights. They have learned that I am prepared to risk the existence of religion justifying on slavery. With dismay, they have realized that are ready to overthrow slavery and the church. The ministers are not ready for controversy; they believe their allegations are correct. Again, the Ministers had another explanation for being absent.

During the current year, I had to have an editorial oversight regarding anti-slavery sentiment. Texas has a history of being a slave state since 1845. The British Government influences on the establishment of slavery upon American soil. Upon the arrival of the first importation of slaves, queens and kings gave fully supported to this inhuman traffic. This act made me uncompromising. As I sat there, a thought about the white-headed women and men taking advantage of innocent races and thought how I could denounce slavery (New national era, 1872).

Whitehead women and women should know that they should not expect on those who pledged to maintain compromises of the constitution to stand guard over slavery. This will be relied upon to control new territories from being extended. One of the first fruits of free soil party is the Anti-slavery Movement. It was the origin of our honest praiseworthy desires we cheerfully acknowledge, to look at more encroachment of slavery but be within the Constitutional limits. This evidence has speculated the nation’s conscience for a long time without giving vitality, with the influence of moral agitation formed by abolitionists. The anti-slavery movement is still required as the only way the citizens can be induced to take their sides to refuse all compromise related to slavery. In the cause of human freedom, the younger ones should be given way, fresh with no spiritual cessation till each slave becomes free (New-York Tribune, 1918).

As a supporter of women’s rights, the political status of every woman has to be changed from being subjects to citizens of that nation.

With a representative of millions of votes, the action above all others irrevocably hounds us to that celebration in the coming contest. It is a great record on our behalf of the African race from being slaves to being set free, citizen. Public, political and civil rights are equal regardless of race, previous condition and creed. The full measure of citizenship should be given. One abolitionist known as Phillips Wendell is seen to inspire by his personal sense of acquaintance. He began his long-term career and espousal of the cause of abolition. He was an orator and an agitator. Being part of my company, there was an anti-slavery sentiment created in the north and needed to be kept alive to set the black race free.


Surely, United States should not be blind enough to repeat these mistakes. We have a right chance to be heard. If we are wrong, then all our talking will not make us win. I am a bitter foe of slavery. My mind is oppressed by the responsibility of inability to meet people's expectations. The truth is that the present time is a vital timeframe in the history of the anti-slavery movement.


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