Bees and Pollination

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The management of the environment and biodiversity is crucial to the survival of insects and the development of the agricultural sector. The living organisms aid the food production sector by pollinating, recycling, and conserving various ecological aspects, thus, supporting the existence of both vertebrates and invertebrates across the globe. Studies have shown that approximately two-thirds of plant species depend on insect pollination to enable the production of fruits and seeds. Importantly, the bee families that encompass Mellifera, Megachile, and Nomia are the primary pollinators, thus, the need to protect these species. Pollination serves to protect the world’s biodiversity, and commitments should be made to converse all pollinators that encompass bees, bats, and animals. Notably, the development of more bee-keeping sites to save the apis and non-apis species from diseases and poor environmental conditions can help realize conservation, restoration, and create efficiency in insect pollination objectives. The human population should not rely entirely on honey bee population as a single pollinator cannot meet the diversity that is required in the agricultural fields. Government agencies should also launch crop pollination programs to create awareness on agrarian production and pollinator protection.

Key Words: Insect pollination, biodiversity, bee families, agricultural production


Thakur, M., 2012. Bees as pollinators–Biodiversity and Conservation. International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science, 2(1), pp.1-7.

October 05, 2023

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