Benefits of Information Technology in Long-Term Care

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In the modern day, technology has taken a pivotal role in how things are done. Technology has been adopted into many sectors where it is utilized in making work easier as well as enhancing the performance of these sectors including the long-term care (Kruse, Mileski, Alaytsev, Carol, & Williams, 2015). Long-term care refers to helping people that have different medical needs that extend over a long period of time. For this type of care, information technology is of the essence. Even though this sector has been slow in accepting and implementing information technology, this aspect cannot be ignored. If there is to be any innovation and development in this sector, information technology ought to be embraced.

There are various benefits of incorporating information technology into long-term care. For instance, information technology can help in streamlining the various processes that are associated with long-term care (Kruse et al, 2015). This includes the systems used as well as all the programs that are associated with long-term care. Additionally, information technology will facilitate innovation since it will provide an avenue for information as well as acquiring knowledge to improve the various programs of long-term care.

Furthermore, there are various ways that information technology is used in long-term care. The first of these is that information technology is used to improve the quality of care that is provided. This is achieved by adopting the latest systems and using information technology to keep all the systems in check (Kruse et al, 2015). In turn, this ensures that all the systems and programs in long-term care work efficiently. The end result is that patients experience improved quality of care.


Kruse, C. S., Mileski, M., Alaytsev, V., Carol, E., & Williams, A. (2015). Adoption factors associated with electronic health record among long-term care facilities: a systematic review. BMJ open, 5(1), e006615.

September 11, 2023


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