BigG and Me

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On a cold chilly Monday, I arrived at school earlier than normal. I wanted to seat as far from the teacher as possible, therefore, I went for the last seat in the class. As it was my custom, I swiftly placed my head on the desk, and murmured a quick prayer, "Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, bless me today as you have always." Quickly thereafter, I embarked on showing the man I had been praying to that I was worth His blessings.

Seconds gathered into minutes, minutes into hours, and soon time caught up with me. I felt an object traverse in my hair. I thought it was Gee, a lady who sat next to me and was always in the mood to tease me. "Stop it!" I demanded. However, a giggle betrayed me, maybe I liked her and her games. "We'll catch up once am done with this assignment," I said as I moved my head away. However, the caressing persisted forcing me to give in, I stopped writing and raised my head to give her the attention she was seeking. Alas! It was BigG.

BigG, a broad-shouldered teen in his early twenties was renowned for his bullying character. I vividly remember my first encounter with BigG at Elites High School. It was my first day at school, and we were touring the compound with my parents. We moved from one end to the other; the departments, lecture halls to the fields. I excused myself to answer a nature’s call in one of the washrooms at the far end of the compound. Grass had grown on the path to the facility and lizards freely ran after one another on the floor. On entering, I was hit with a strong bhang smell, wanted to back off but curiosity pulled me in. Observing the atmosphere, I saw a cloud of smoke and my eyes turned red as I proceeded to use the urinary. I tried to push but nothing came out, I realized I could not coordinate my body parts any longer, my fingers trembled as leaves during the wind.

I turned to dash out, but wait, in front of me stood a figure that I could hardly see its face. I observed his rugged pair of trouser and realized he was a man, however, my head’s height equaled his waist, and rightfully I knew it was my first encounter with a monster. I tried to step back but my legs remained glued to the ground. The urine I had tried to release to no avail was now freely flowing in my pants. “Welcome home boy, BigG here, the dean of fun,” he whispered bending to my height. I nodded in agreement and strangely found myself offering my hand, “Jim, and it’s a pleasure,” I said on my way out.

All through my time at Elite, I had seen BigG do unimaginable things to students without fear or mercy. I once saw him riding on the back of a new student as he showed him the various positions in a soccer field. From one point of the pitch to the other the new schoolboy had crawled with the beast on his back. He was a true definition of a bully and I always asked myself if the school administration could do nothing to curb his uncouth behavior. "Today is your turn, Jim," a voice spoke from within. It is then that it dawned on me that I was seated in his accustomed place; the furthest corner of the class. The class teacher had tried in uncountable times to move him but the following day, BigG would take his favorite spot.

I stood to excuse him to his seat but his wide palm placed in my chest sent me back to his seat with a thud. “You mean young chap, among all these seats, your brainy little head figured out my only peaceful corner as the destination for your small buttocks?” he roared leaning towards my face. I chocked and unfortunately threw up to his face due to the strong unpleasant alcohol smell that hit me. Everyone in the class dropped what they were engaged in and turned back, things had just got worse. I closed my eyes for a moment and wished the ground could open and swallow me alive.

“Hooooooooly ffffff-ather!” BigG released a loud scream that echoed through the entire school. I hoped the teachers had heard him and one would storm the class any second from then. I released a sigh of relief when I heard footsteps just outside the classroom. Just as I had anticipated, my American Literature teacher, Mr. Grey, walked in. He commanded everyone to sit down and collect their assignments. On seeing BigG’s face, the teacher burst into laughter probably offending him even further. The whole class joined in the laughter, when the teacher joked, “Jeez! You look like a piece of raw pumpkin, get out and clean your shit!”

However, BigG rightfully turned everything on me. “This is his Shit,” he screamed pointing at me. “We have always suffered as a class due to a rotten-egg smell. You right sir, I can feel raw pumpkins in my face. It is their food; they never cook anything!" Big said as giggles accompanied his maiden speech. I felt ridiculed and for once was ashamed of my culture. I bent my head down, bit my lower lip and tried to hold every nerve in my body. Sadly, my eyes betrayed me and tears rolled down my cheeks. "Today it's your eyes, the last time had been your ‘small sausage’. Boy, you gotta grow or at least take a shower each morning, we have no breathe left to hold due to your urine-stinking pants. Oh! Wait, your father’s crib in the slums got no water! Sorry boy, you only got one pair of pants. Guys, let’s make the difference,” BigG concluded as he moved around to collect contributions in class.

I felt ashamed, tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably. “Stop!” Mr. Grey came to my rescue. BigG moved closer to me, wiped his face with my shirt and spat on my face. Within a second there was grave-silence in the class. I knew if I had paid attention I would have avoided my misery. To date, I have never sat in someone else’s seat as BigG’s last words are still fresh in my head, “Operate within your boundaries Mole!”

August 21, 2023




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