Cameron Park Zoo

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Cameron Park Zoo: A Family Resort

Cameron Park Zoo is one of the most popular educational and conservation organizations in Texas. In Cameron Park Zoo, you can breathe deeply, surrounded by natural beauty, a riot of colors, and wild animals, which are under the close supervision and care of the zoo staff. This is a favorite place for children and adults for many years to spend a weekend with benefits for the whole family. And for incorrigible romantics, the zoo has an interesting offer, one can celebrate a birthday, have an unusual lunch or dinner with friends. All of this makes Cameron Park Zoo more than just a natural park, it is a family resort that offers many kinds of entertainment and relief.

The History and Nowadays of Cameron Park Zoo

In 1981, a plan was made to expand the zoo to convert the 52 acres (210,000 m2) of Cameron Park into the Cameron Park Zoo, the new zoo opened to the public on July 18, 1993. The exhibition has grown so much that it almost doubled the number of animals and the overall size of the zoo. The Cameron Park Zoo was founded in 1955 as the Texas Central Zoo. The zoological park is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Cameron Park Zoo is open to visitors daily from 9:00-17:00 (on Sundays the zoo is open from 11:00) ("Visit"). While essentially, the park appears like a regular zoo, its territory is inhabited by a vast number of various species of animals, allowing patrons to stay much longer and engage in many activities available or allowed.

Exploring the Beauty of Texas

The Cameron Park Zoo is located on 21 hectares in Waco, Texas, USA, next to the Brazos River. Texas is a sultry and rocky realm of tropical palms and desert prairie cacti. A state where you can not only relax on the hot beaches of the Gulf of Mexico but also travel around beautiful cities, sunny, friendly, and imbued with the indomitable spirit of the Wild West. In Texas, like in no other state, cowboy traditions and love for boundless freedom have been preserved. Its aroma is clearly audible in the dusty air of the wild prairies (Miller). Hence, the park is not only a place to observe animals, but also a rich geographic region with many picturesque views and other places of interest.

A Natural Habitat for Animals

A zoo with waterfalls, small ponds, and a picturesque lake where you can watch the life of wild animals (more than 300 species of different animals), for which they have created an almost natural habitat. The zoo staff provides care for the animals: proper nutrition and high-quality veterinary care. On the territory of the zoo, there are two restaurants where you can have a delicious meal or celebrate a family event. There is also a large souvenir shop where you can buy toys, gifts, as well as unique custom-made souvenirs. With discount coupons, one can save a lot on entrance tickets and much more at the zoo (Miller). Apparently, one of the goals of Cameron Park Zoo is to make the leisure offered by the park as accessible as possible to everyone.

A Remarkable Collection of Animals

The Cameron Park Zoo features species from the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe: a reptile home, a lion exhibit, and a large open lemur habitat. In 2005, the new "Brazos River Country" area was opened, featuring a 50,000-US-gallon marine reef aquarium, a swamp environment that is home to numerous species of the state. In 2009, the Asian Forest was added to the zoo, expanding its collection to include endangered species such as orangutans and Komodo dragons. The zoo has a variety of animals with over 1,731 animals representing 300 species from all over the world (Miller). With such impressive volumes, Cameron Park Zoo is one of the most remarkable places of interest in Texas and, perhaps, the United States indeed.


Children are delighted with pets and a day in the fresh air, among lions, elephants and tigers, funny monkeys, they can visit the serpentarium and the aquarium. Also, the zoo constantly arranges various holidays and quizzes for children, as well as birthdays or weddings. You can come to the zoo for a picnic and spend an informative day, learning a lot of interesting things about each pet for children and adults.

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May 12, 2022

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