Can Organizational Culture: be "Managed?"

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The standards, goals, values, working language, routines, convictions, and symbols that characterize an organization are referred to as its organizational culture. It establishes how employees and groups inside the company engage with clients, stakeholders, and one another (Schein, 2004). The company's management is in charge of establishing the culture of the organization and developing a framework that enables employees to uphold the company's core principles. It's also critical to remember that culture is subject to change. But it takes time, and it depends on the company's management. It is thought that changing company culture is a difficult endeavor for managers. Changing what the company stood for requires winning the minds and hearts of many with varying views and opinions (Mintz, 2013).

The primary responsibility of managers is managing the organization's finance, operations, and marketing. Apart from these, managers are tasked with managing, directing, controlling, and maximizing the positive components of the organization's culture. According to Schein (2004), culture does not only define a company, but it is also an element of the firm that managers and leaders can manipulate. Although managing culture is a difficult task same as altering it based on the fact that the people working in the organization come from different backgrounds and have multiple opinions, it is possible.

Using culture as a strategic control refers to the manner in which the leadership of the use the set cultural standards as a way of controlling the behavior of its employees, provide stability for the organization, and offering a sense of belonging to individuals within the company.


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March 02, 2023

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