Career Aspirations in Criminal Justice

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Furthering my studies to the graduate level has always been a lifetime dream. Given the opportunity, I hope to pursue a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security in the field of Criminal Justice. The two key career ambitions I am considering are Private Detective/Criminal Investigator and Secret Service Agent. I have always known that I wanted to engage in a job that brings change to the society and enhance the lives of every person around me. These two lines of work will provide me with the opportunity to fulfil this dream aside from the fact that they are exciting and challenging.

As a Private Detective and Criminal Investigator, my primary responsibility will involve specializing in key crimes within my country including homicide and crimes against persons. Since I am pursing a degree in Homeland Security, I will not only handle cases of terror threats and attacks, but also internal criminal activities that affect the nation. Apart from the role of uncovering facts and solving criminal mysteries, the job of a detective entails screening and investigating people’s backgrounds. The skills and knowledge I will obtain from the course will enable me participate in unveiling the background information of individuals suspected of committing crimes against humanity. The course will also equip me with the knowledge of using equipment such as binoculars, video cameras, and mobile phones for surveillance; this will make me a better investigator due to the experience.

Becoming a Secret Service Agent has also been my dream; the duties of special agents are not only to offer protection to the president of a country, but also to protect the vice president and high government officials. I believe that with my capabilities, I will be able to get a chance to protect some of the significant persons in the society. As part of the National Secret Service, I would wish to be part of the team that investigates and prosecutes key financial crimes in the nation specifically money laundering and counterfeiting. I believe that these criminal activities have affected the economy of the society and have escalated the cases of bribery. The degree program will thus provide me with the necessary skills to attain this career choice.

My key personal asset that will enable me attain my career and educational goals is perseverance. I am able to endure in difficult situation over a period of time just to see myself achieve my goals in life. Attaining my career choices is not easy; for one to become a security agent, he or she must participate in both class and physical training. The class work is very demanding and involves writing of essays, mastering the national policies, and learning how to use new technologies. After the classwork curriculum is completed, a 14-weeks specialized training is involved including use of firearms, physical fitness, First Aid practical, conduct of search and arrests, as well as water survival tactics. These activities require a lot of exercises that is always challenging to most learners. I believe that with my perseverance, I will be able to endure all the pain and become one of the top students. My career require a lot of tolerance and perseverance while dealing with the public. Dealing with suspects and victims is never easy; one must be able to endure the different attitudes of people and ensure protocol is followed without using unnecessary force.

With studies, there are always challenges that students must face. In the graduate program, the key areas that will present a challenge to me are the class attendance and the physical training activities. Being a student in a demanding field like criminal justice requires one to attend at least 80% of the classes. This will also entail holding group discussions as well as extensive research at one’s own free time. Being both a student and at the same time having a part time job will become difficult; I will be forced to reschedule my working hours so that I do not miss classes. I will also have to balance my time to ensure I do extra studies for my career which will mean less sleep. However, with my perseverance and dedication, I believe I will manage to balance my social life, work, and education.

The physical training exercises which are part of the degree program will also present a challenge. Studying a career in the field of Criminal Justice must be accompanied by rigorous training including running many miles, learning to swim for water survival techniques, swimming through the mud, and travelling to unsafe bushy areas. These exercises are never easy, one must strain and most of all not stop or give up on the way. I believe that this will interfere with my schedules of work due to the tiresome activities. Even though I am a good swimmer, the training will involve swimming in icy water; this is also very challenging. I believe that I am in a position to focus my mind on the goal and outcome of the training, and this will provide me with the strength to hold on.

June 14, 2022



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