Chicago Bulls and Their Performance

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The Chicago Bulls registered the worst performance ever after their loss in an away match against the Brooklyn Nets. This is one of the games in which the NBA paid a lot of attention. The team has been recording declined performance for some of the games they played in the season. The season has not been easy for the team despite the management efforts to change the squad list and the club management. The team was not among the top three as expected. Their match with Brooklyn Nets was among the determining games for their success. Several players had not been included in the schedule. Also, there had been reported cased of mismanagement and indiscipline which was attributed to their performance. NBA had held the 2016-2017 season with new expectations from some of the teams which had fallen in their performance. Several other champions also disappointed, but there is a need to pay more attention to the Chicago Bulls. How could a team with the best players and a good history fall from the heights of goodness? This happened even after signing in a new coach and several other stars.

In the season, some of the significant players were missing in the schedule. For instance, Derrick Rose, the 2001 Rookie and 2011 MVP of the year had been sold to NY Knicks. Also, this was the first time that the Bulls played without Derrick since the last four seasons. Also, some key players had left the team for others. Other players were also new in the team, and thus, this may have had an impact on the squad.  Poor coordination was attributed to lack of experience due to the inclusion of entirely new members in the key positions. For instance, Dwyane Wade had left his team, the Miami Heat to join the Bulls which was his home team. Similarly, the team had exchanged some players for others from some of their competitors. Tony Snell had been traded for Williams. Thus, unlike the past, the face of the squad was utterly new during this season. In this season, the team finished with a 41-41 record with Brooklyn Nets. This performance gave them the 8th seed. In the first round, they had faced the Boston Celtics. They had lost this important game if several other several players were missing from the squad. After a loss of four straight, they then lost in other six consecutive games. During the initial matches, the team was playing without Rajon Rondo. Similarly, several other changes were made after the season, many players were traded, and even the management consented to change the coach. However, this still will not solve the team’s problems.

After the closure of the 2015-15 season, the team had signed a new coach. This was the first time for the team to hire a female coach. Although the changes were received with excitements, the performance did not match expectations. In the 2016-17 season, LeAsha Moore joined the bulls. With her experience, it was expected that the team could leap more benefits like before. Moore was 31 years old when he joined the Bulls, and she was the 20th head coach for the team. She holds a degree in Sports management from Toledo University. She has worked at Duke and Michigan University. Many of her outfits have received recognition from NCAA basketball programs. As an assistant and head coach from her former stations, she managed to lead some of her students to NBA draft pick. In 2009, she accepted to work for the Chicago Bulls as a Special Teams Coordinator. Her prior knowledge and skills helped her to work with the athletes making them win major tournaments. In one of the media interviews, Joakim Noah, a center player said, “I Know Coach Moore will be a devoted coach, she will make sure we work hard and win all the games.” He added that “We have been working with Moore, and for each year, she has helped to improve the standard of the team.” Also, the existing coach said that “I believe she is ready and she will push this team as well as herself to prove hard work and our mission.” Moore hails from Cincinnati City where she was born and throughout her school life, she was playing basketball. With all these experience, she was to perform better even more than her predecessors.

Below is the list of players and the 2016-17 roster;

Butler Jimmy

v Played number 21 as a SF

v He was born in 1989

v He hails from Marquette


v Played the position of a PG

v Was born in 1991

v He comes from the Murray State

Carter Williams

v Played the position of a SG for position 5

v Was born in 1991

v He comes from Syracuse

Felicio Christiano

v Played number six

v Born in 1992

v Comes from CCSE Prep (CA)

Lopez Robin

v Played position 12

v He comes from Stanford

v Was born in 1988

Grant Jerian

v Played the second position as a PG

v Born in 1992

v Comes from Notre Dame

Lauvergne Geoffrey

v Played number 77

v Comes from France

v Born in 1991

Other players included Paul Zpser, Valentine, Rondo, Payne, Nikola, Marrow, and Dwyane. However, Lopez, Felico, and Lauvergne had led in the position of the team coach. The assistant coaches who were also instrumental in this season included Jim Boylen as the associate head coach, Pete, Mike, Charlie, and Randy Brown. As noted earlier, this was one of the seasons when the team did a lot of transactions regarding selling and exchanging players. The squad leadership also kept on changing throughout the season. However, there are some of the players who did their best despite the overall reflection in the team performance. Several games cross our mind when we remember some of the key players. For instance, during the 117-104 loss that the team had succumbed to the NY Knicks, Wade achieved ten rebounds and 35 points. In this game, the infamous Butler had to take a backseat for Wade. However, Wade retained his reputation during the 112-107 win against the Sacramento Kings. Wade managed 11 scores out of the 31 trials. Although out of these there were inbounds from Matt Bernes, the fourth quarter was giving the team some hopes. Wade’s salary was$ 23, 200, 000.

Another player who attracts more attention and whose role is attributed to the team’s loss is Jimmy Butler. Despite a huge salary of $ 17, 552, 209, he made several mistakes that a player of his tier was not expected to do. He is one of the two-way wingers in the class of Gordon Hayward and Paul George. He failed to earn the All-Star Berth and All-NBA team selections despite his ranking as a top 15 player. However, many people had argued that his playing career had reached the ceiling. With all the experience he had, his scoring efficiency had improved, and there was a lot of expectations from him. His success was seen only as he played and scored on high levels above all the teammates. Thus, he could not be ranked the best player of the year for the team despite the chances he had and the excellent coordination within the squad. During their play with Charlotte, Jimmy displayed his skills and experience by maintaining the highest scored and rebounds.

From the information by the athletic trainers and players, it was evident that the new coach did not bring any significant input that could reflect an improvement. Some of the players tried their best. Others made attempts to avoid blame on their side. However, they finally failed to maintain the expected standards. The season ended in frustration for the Chicago Bulls. After the 2016-17 season, there were several reshuffles in the squad as well as in the management. Their performance was shown from their first games where they proved to be infective and uncoordinated. Although they managed several draws, they could not defeat even some of the teams which had been ranked last in the previous seasons. Both the players and the coach should be held accountable for the team’s performance.

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September 18, 2023

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