Clinical Informatics Task

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Informatics is the practical use of information technology in various fields to help in problem solving and communication. It also incorporates collection, analysis, storage, retrieval and categorization of data. Clinical Informatics involves the implementation and incorporation of information technology into the healthcare system with the aim of enhancing service provision. It covers clinical issues ranging from documentation to offering o quality service to patients. It is an essential tool in the management of individual and group health records, enhance the relationship between patients and clinicians and promote patient care (Edward, Marissa, Piper, & Jessica, 2016).

Example of Clinical Informatics

The Health Information Technology (HIT) includes; the radio frequency identification, which keeps track of patients, care providers and the medical equipment.  The bed management system is vital in the monitoring patient population, and the electronic portals make it easier for patients to access their health information. With these technologies, clinicians can monitor their patient and reduce medical errors. The clinical decision support system (CDSSs) improves the quality of patient service provision by aiding clinicians in decision making and facilitation of such operations as imaging and monitoring.

Data Management as a Strategy to Improve Patient Care

Data management can improve the nurses’ efficiency in their performance because of the new technologies. Through appropriate shift-planning among nurses, the manager will improve quality of care as patients will be attended to at all times. Information is central to the nursing care it will, therefore, make it easier for the nurse manager to get their patient data on time and exhaustively, eventually improving patients’ health outcome.

The President Bush mandate on the implementation of electronic health record by 2014 was to promote quality healthcare provision and improve the American healthcare systems.  It will reduce duplication of information and procedures because patients’ health information will be available online. Improves privacy and security of patient data as the patient themselves authorize clinicians to access their data.  Sharing of information among clinicians and health care providers is made accessible, thus, preventing medical errors, cost reduction, enhance professional efficiencies and reduction of paperwork (Sheridan, 2012).


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October 13, 2023

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