Code of Hammurabi

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This architect is considered the most complete and perfect extant Babylonian laws collection. It was developed within 1792 and 1750 BCE during the reign of Hammurabi. The document consisted of the Hammurabi legal decisions that were assembled during the last days of Hammurabi reign and then inscribed on a diorite stela which was set up in Marduk (Babylon's Temple). The laws consisted of 282 cases in various provisions i.e. economics (prices of commodities, trade tariffs, and commerce etc.), family laws (both marriage and divorce guidelines), criminals laws (such as assaults and theft) and civil laws (such as slavery and debts). The penalties to the defaulters of these laws used to vary based on the status of defaulters in the society and offense circumstances.

The architect

The architect was known to be made from a single curved, diorite four-ton slab and durable black stele stone. However, it was incredibly very difficult for one to curve the stone. At top of the Code of Hammurabi, there was a two- and- a half foot relief carving standing in front, it showed Hammurabi receiving the law. The measuring rod and tape symbolized this from the point of view of the seated Shammash, god of justice of Babylonian. In addition, the rest of the monument was covered with chiseled cuneiform script columns. In conclusion, one can categorically state that at the end of Hammurabi's reign, the text compiled is considered to be less of principles proclamation than a legal precedents collection set between prose who are celebrating the just and pious rule of Hammurabi. It is therefore believed that Code of Hammurabi was based on principles of "an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth" as this was its fundamental justice principle.

November 13, 2023


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