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Communist Manifesto

Communism is a French phrase that was developed by Karl Mark in the 18th century, it recommended for class war and main to society with is propertied and the other non-propertied.Karl Marx classified the neighborhood into halves and halve not; the halve not depended on the halves to get employment and meet their needs, they are paid through their abilities. This political concept of Karl Marx divided the community into different lessons the halve not where the negative people in the society and they had to provide labor to the halves in order to meet their needs.
The concept of a free society that Karl Marx brought about where humanity is free from oppression and scarcity and there is no government is null because for production to take place there must be markets these markets are brought by the government. This theory is highly critiqued because people cannot give according to their abilities and needs, the people in a society are eager to get more and therefore they will earn more by working extra harder.

The assumption that Marx brought about human nature is determined by nature is highly criticized by economist such as Trotsky he believed that social, political and intellectual are the condition for the social-economic base of a country's growth. The mode of production is material life rather than devalues of humanity and the significance of the lives and the rights of human beings.

Marx also claimed that is people are left to work freely they will produce more, this is highly criticized by some scholars they argue that Marx's concept of freedom is just but a defense of many oppressions and not the expansion of freedom as he claimed.

Marx also argued that proletarian revolution will bring about the people being in one class some criticized this by observing that capitalism will lead to a gradual change of a community from one step to another.

Historical materialism concept and division of labor as brought about by Karl Marx is criticized by some scholars arguing that Marx tried to force the course of history a particular direction. Historical materialism is an idea that makes individuals to struggle and meet their daily need by using the labor force they have to produce this is based on the defined relations between the people. Gradually the society will move from one stage to another as the dominant class is displaced.

In conclusion, I highly criticized this theory if Karl Marx because of various reasons; Marx argued that the struggle between the propertied and non-propertied will continue till the non-propertied overcome the propertied the change should be gradual, the argument that Marx brought about of historical materialism is null and void as society will struggle to move from one stage to another.

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August 09, 2021

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