Conflict of Interest in Healthcare Facility

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As any other natural therapist clinic, clients and the staff do face challenges when it comes to matters of privacy and confidentiality. To have a smooth operating environment, anyorganization must have policies and guidelines to be followed.

The staff should ensure that information related to the issues listed below is not disclosed to any unauthorized persons:

Health information concerning the physical, mental disability, and client’s wishes.

The kind of treatment to be provided or being given.

The desire of the patient information on the future treatment.

Any information regarding to any donation or the intended donation of the body parts.

The clinic therapies must ensure:

The patients are involved in decision-making concerning their health before the commencement of any treatments.

Some of the risk factors forconflict interestin healthcare facility mayinclude varied decisions related to laboratory tests, patient transfers, and prescription of drugs (Jih-Shuin et al., 2017).

To manage the mentioned conflicts the following measures should be employed:

The management should encourage team work and decision making.

The management should promotecommunication among the team members to avoid misunderstanding.

The team should be goal oriented to foster work and performance.

The clinic will ensure that it is environmental friendly through:

Complying with the government regulations which relate to environmental sustainability.

Reducing waste and increase the recycling methods.

Puttingin record the carbon emissions and energy usage yearly.

Similarly, the clinic willguarantee that they have cross-cultural environment which promotes culture diversity by:

By accepting use of other languages other than English in communication (Epner, 2012).

Providing clients with different cultural foods.

Building organizational cultural competency that foster integration.


Epner, D (2012).Patient-centered care: the key to cultural competence. Annals of Oncology.  

Jih-Shuin, J., Szu-Fen, H., Huey-Wen ,L., Li-Chin, C., Chia-Kuei ,L., Hsiao-Fang ,H. et al. (2017). Workplace interpersonal conflicts among the healthcare workers: Retrospective exploration from           the institutional incident reporting system of a university-affiliated medical center. PLoS     One.     doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171696


October 05, 2023
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