Constructive feedback management

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An organization's and an individual's ability to adapt can be influenced by feedback. However, how a person responds to unfavorable or helpful criticism is never easy. I've encountered unfavorable comments at work, and it can be challenging to respond with the appropriate sobriety. The initial response is a little bit of emotional heat, followed by defensiveness toward what I take to be criticism. In essence, constructive criticism reveals the errors that people make while performing their jobs. I have so far learned a great deal about how to lessen a defensive stance toward unfavorable criticism. In fact, as the feedback indicates, I listen to understand where I need improvement. I then review my goals, deconstruct the criticism, and make efforts to make adjustment. Through such a sober reaction towards constructive feedback, I have grown in terms of interpersonal skills, efficient delivery of services, and general performance.

Delivering a negative feedback provokes a feeling of threat to the targeted person. In most scenarios, negative feedback stands out and stays in one's memory for a relatively longer period of time. In that regard, as a manager, I take time to critically and creatively asses circumstances, individuals, and issues that surround the possible reaction of the recipient. One of the key factors I look out for is what I really prefer. I consider instantaneous feedback as effective in correcting behaviors that detract good performance and boost outcome as assignment progresses. I believe that emphasizing praises and sitting on criticism is a dangerous leadership trait that equally ruins the future of the employee. I am aware that different people react in various manners towards negative feedback. In that respect, I consider what the specific person prefers to hear based on previous interaction and general performance statistics. For some people, a negative feedback may deem the manager as bad and severe relationships. However, in the interest of the organization and long term benefits on the recipient, the feedback must be constructed and delivered in a way that reconcile strong criticism and constructive correction. I also consider what the situation at hand call for. In most incidences, timely delivery of negative feedback yields better results instead of accumulation and bulky delivery.

There are various ways of addressing negative feedback. In fact, the overriding goal to initiate change should not be missed. However, it is equally important to recognize the fact that negative feedback make not go down well with other people in line with the way it is presented. I prefer having my emotions under control to prevent the message from being relayed in the most effective way. Besides, I emphasize privacy while delivering negative feedback to prevent possible embarrassment of the recipient and providing a unfriendly environment with consequences of undesirable outcome. Timing is another critical consideration if the constructive feedback is to work. In fact, the team needs to be kept on the right track through consistent correction. Being specific to the problem in question is paramount. Instead of attracting irrelevant outcome after delivery of negative feedback, it imperative that issues is addressed with precision. Focusing on the observed behavior that is responsible for a given negative feedback should have precedence over the individual. Engaging in participatory approach to resolve the negative feedback is more constructive as it yields mutual agreement that promote cohesion and unity towards desired goals.

March 10, 2023

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