Cybersecurity and Mobile Technology

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Mobility and Wireless Technology

Mobility and wireless technology are accompanied by threats which affect both cooperate and the individual world in terms of growth and development. Application security is not only a technical issue but it is also a business concern. This is because for the mobile technology to be embraced, technical know-how and facilitation are inevitable and for the business to be efficient, it has to depend on the expertise. The technology has to be inclined to the business objectives and goals. Most of the companies have invested in e-commerce with the aim of expanding their global operations. While this is important, if security measures are not properly in place, malicious end-users could easily access crucial information of the company and interrupt business activities leading to fraud. Such cases greatly cost the company involved. As a result, a call for a specific application on the end-user computer program, specified training, and safe behavior is necessary if the desired objectives have to obtain (Tipton & Krause, 2007).


The first concern that relates to the extent of security vulnerabilities is whether most of the end-users are aware of the threats and risks that they are exposed to. The knowledge of the threats at hand should be embraced so that risk management measures can be taken from cooperates' view to a person's view. The aim of such approach is to enable the end-users to know their role in achieving cybersecurity. Developing a security culture in the organization requires collective responsibility of both the end-user and the mobile technology initiator. The end user gets involved in two risky behaviors. First, having a perception that it is the computer technicians’ job to mind about security issues. Secondly, endeavoring to access unauthorized wireless internet connections with the notion of offsetting payments for the services and deliberately opening up emails from unknown sources (Harwood, 2016).

Enabling Good Security Behavior

Enabling good security behavior requires security training and education to keep the culture strong (TechTarget, 2018). Besides, it is necessary to have the end user have specific applications and training because of the presumed perception that cooperates computer devices are also personal devices and the risk incurred in the related practice is little. Furthermore, end users do not mind their application behavior in the bid to access information because of the perception that those devices are personal. Most of the end-users consider their behavior as not risky. As a result better practices and precautions that reduce the vulnerabilities are overlooked. For example, despite the fact that the Android Operating System of most mobile applications has been termed as most vulnerable in regards to cybersecurity they are widely utilized by people globally. It is advisable that for one to reduce the risk of cyber-attack, the end-users are advised to download mobile applications from Google play only. However, since some end-users fall in the lure of free mobile apps, free software and installs from the internet, they go ahead to download them. This becomes the genesis of malware attack since that is a doorway to malware into the mobile device of the end-user.

Cooperate Business Organizations Going Digital

The end-user security vulnerabilities are very much imminent in that most of the cooperate business organizations are going digital so as to enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and access. In order to achieve this, the business entities entrust their employees with mobile access to the technological resources. Having a case of an uncoordinated training model for such a scenario posse high-security vulnerability to the technology. Moreover, training on cybersecurity should be made a top priority for the cooperate world so as to uphold the desired culture by the end-users. It is recommended that companies should take a holistic approach towards cyber protection because technological advancements are directly proportional to the level of awareness required. For example, having the encryption of password protection and the educating the end-users on the best practices with regards to the applications demonstrates a step towards mobile security.

Enhancing Mobile Security

Recommendations and suggestions towards enhancing mobile security can be categorized into various practices. The first practice entails the encryption of sensitive data. The second best intuitive is to have a back-up for important data files. The third undertaking includes updating anti-spyware and antivirus on a regular basis. Fourthly, organizations need to carry out proactive education with proper technology which protects wireless connections and other networks. Lastly, individuals should be encouraged to utilize strong passwords that are changed after a period of three months. Due to the fact that the end-users remain to be a dependent variable, what can be relied on is the protection of servers. Servers are the primary sources of networks and form the basis of connections and receiving and sending information. Most of the cyber-attacks are also directed on these servers. By protecting these servers, security vulnerabilities are reduced to a greater extent. As mentioned in the above paragraphs, the more advancements the technological sector receive, the more technical problems and virus attacks become imminent (Doherty, 2016).


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September 04, 2023
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