Decision making and ethics

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My advice for Ravi

My advice for Ravi is to take a non-contextual ethical approach to ethics when dealing with the unethical trading that ended in farmers being underpaid for their cola nuts. The nonconsequential approach judges an individual's values on those values other than consequences. Individuals are often assured of obligation and purpose when participating in an event (Fail, 2014). As a result, they should take an attitude that will ensure integrity is followed even though someone decides to behave in the same manner. Above all, when dwelling on humans, they should be considered as ends of themselves, rather than as a means to an end.

The nonconsequential hypothesis adoption of Fairtrade practices

The nonconsequential hypothesis adoption of Fairtrade practices ensures that the company is treating the small growers as an end and not a means to an end. Due to the Fairtrade principles that enable the company to fair trade with the growers in the long run, in which it allows the producers earn a fair wage for their cola nuts by providing a secure fair income to have a quality life. Furthermore, if the Fairtrade practices are adopted by all companies in the world ethics will reign in business practices. I will suggest to Ravi to adopt the Fairtrade practices to assure that the cola nuts farmers receive a fair wage in the future. Since the human rights group advocating for the farmers has a solid argument that is centered on the charter of Fairtrade practice. Zip -6 is an international beverage, and therefore they are bound by the world trade organization laws about the trade (\"Fairtrade International (FLO): Fairtrade International,\" 2016).

Adoption of Fairtrade practices in the organization

Since the organization adopted the 2009 charter of fair-trade principles, all companies under it are expected to adopt the same practices in their daily activities. The cola nuts acquired from Fairtrade are costly according to the company's managers. When analyzing the cost, it shows that adopting will have a slight impact on the production cost of the drink. Therefore, adoption of the practices will not have a negative impact on the profits of the company. This mark indicates that the producers and the company all were bound by the fair trade practices in the production of the sports energy drink (\"Fairtrade International (FLO): Fairtrade International,\" 2016). Ravi's adoption to this idea will attract customers who certainly live by the ethics. Good morals will shed light on the company, in which the Zip-6 will benefit from, a good reputation will be around, and free advertisement, therefore the profit will not be affected. Buying their products from companies that are directed by sound moral practices to those that engage in unethical practices. Therefore, Ravi consenting to the fair trade principles will result in an increment in their revenues and market share. Lastly, on the aspect of the price the company has the option of negotiating with the producers. This fact is based on the fair trade practices allows them to come to an agreement that will benefit both parties (\"Fairtrade International (FLO): Fairtrade International,\" 2016)

In conclusion

In conclusion, Fairtrade practices have excellent partnership with a huge number of distributors and other companies. When Ravi adopts Fairtrade it'll progress towards improvement; it will also provide proper living standards for the producers. As for the company that Ravi works for, it enhances it will earn its respect.


Fail, C. (2014). Ethical Theories. An Overview of Consequential, Nonconsequential, and Virtue Ethics Theories. Kaplan University.

Fairtrade International (FLO): Fairtrade International. (2016)

December 28, 2022

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