Distributed Processing Architecture of the Client/Server Technology

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A national chain of auto part stores contains multiple PCs performing different functions, with regional managers traveling from store to store with the intention of boosting sales together with local managers. The company also uses the internet to connect all the PCs to the main computer or the server. In order to connect with other stores and the head office, every regional manager has a laptop which also connects to the main computer. This paper seeks to recommend Distributed processing architecture of the client/ server technology as the best technology architecture, which will help solve or make it easier for this company to carry out its business activities efficiently including order entry and sale analysis. It also explains why the technology is the best and finally highlights the challenges anticipated while implementing the project.

Applying Distributed Systems of the Client/ Server Technology

Distributed processing is an expression used to refer to different computer systems using many computers (or processor) to operate a program. This involves parallel processing whereby one computer uses a number of CPUs to operate programs. The client/ server technology is a dispersed transmission structure of network actions between service applier, clients and service providers. The client /server connection is set through the internet. It is manageable to have distributed systems for businesses if there is a high dependency on technology network, which is a system that can be created as a use of telecommunication. The idea of distributed systems is used in various aspects. In this paper, it will be used to explain how workstations transmit information between themselves and data processors, including various ranking designs of data processors that shares information and their capabilities of storing data is different.

In this technology, the purposes of processing are assigned to either clients (users) or servers according to the most appropriate machines that will get the work done. With this architecture, the web administration of the client bit will be performed by the system of the client, while the server bit of the administration will be performed by the file server. With the client/ server technology, users communicate with a small part of the application, which includes the user connection, input of the data, database queries, and the making of reports. The server is responsible for regulating the access of users to compact databases, recovering or computing data, and other purposes.

Client / Server Technology

These are programs running on a system. This is whereby the client requests and the server deliver the request. This is an example of two-tier client-server architecture. A more complicated design uses three types of computers to complete recovering, computing, storage, and accepting data. Computers work efficiently by delegating tasks to clients and servers.

Clients as Part of the Client-server Model

The word client in the client/ server model means complex machines that are a classic area of entry to the client/ server system used by people. These can be desktop computers, a workstation, a laptop, or any other form that a user can enter the system. Using a graphical user interface (GUI), a person usually connects openly only with the client part. The client setup uses compact plans that are in the clients to do original processing, including sharing the information with the user. A client-based application stays in a client machine and is not available to other users on the system.

Challenges in implementing the technology

Early customers of this technology discovered that it was not always the best solution to a business. Mostly, the system designer is asked to support a client/server model that is already installed. Since the designer was not involved in the installation, he/she must assess the model at length and carefully. The designer must look into the company’s taste or style and whether it will embrace the client/ server model. Also, one must figure out the kind of changes necessary before the model can be used fully. Finally, he/she must find out their role as a system analyst in this position.

Even though it is believed that processing costs of a client/ server model are low, the costs of a switch to a client -server architecture are high. The implementation of the client-server model has to be compiled as two different parts of the software, both running on different computers but they have to look like they are running as one application. Another challenge is inbuilt complications. These complications arise from important field challenges like parts of a distributed system occupy different address spaces on different nodes, therefore, communication between these different nodes require different system, approach, and procedure.


There are many benefits of using distributed processing architecture of the client/ server technology. One of the benefits is that they are economical. Since the computer networks like the PCs and laptops are connected with the server, they all share resources, have a large memory, information can be accessed simultaneously by a number of clients and also, the technology provides great computer power and opportunities to change applications than any other options.


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September 11, 2023
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