Effect of employees’ engagement on productivity

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In order to carry out its operations effectively, the organization needs three key components. Money, properties, and human resources are the three elements. For the company to succeed in any retail environment, all three elements must be properly managed. Despite the role of human resources, numerous companies have struggled to adequately involve and inspire their workforce in their activities. These companies fail to recognize that human resources are the sole motivators of any organization. They refuse to recognize the value of workers. Robert (2013) defines formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized formalized The habit of ignoring the needs and welfares of employees has greatly affected the performance of many organizations. This study seeks to establish the effect of employees’ engagement and motivation on employee productivity. This study will help to establish the role of employee engagement and motivation in enhancing employees’ performance (Talukdar, 2013). Motivation of employee is very important in determining the rate at which the company retains its employees. This study will be very important guiding the firms on how to motivate and retain their employees. This study will also help in establishing the problems and gaps in promoting employee engagement.

Research questions

Does employee engagement and motivation affect employee productivity?

Does employee engagement and motivation contribute towards employee retaining rate?

Are they gaps in employee motivation and engagement?

Literature Review

Employee engagement

Forbes defines employee engagement as ‘the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. Employee engagement deals with the commitment that employees have towards the organizational goals. This means that the employee should be mentally and emotionally fit. Therefore, employees should not work because of the pay but they should be motivated to work so as to prosper the company in the next level. An engaged employee is always ready to work whenever called upon to the company to help in a certain issue. Employee engagement requires every aspect of the employee ranging from physical, cognitive and emotional aspect (Stewart, 2011).

In order to increase the employee engagement, there is need to promote job clarity. This involves communicating to the employees the job’s expectations. Employees need to be informed of what is required of them (Richard, 2010). It also specifies the role and responsibilities of the employee. This prepares the employee mentally and physically.

The other way of enhancing employee engagement is promoting good working relationship between the employer and employees. Communication is one of the aspects that create good relationship between senior employees and their juniors in any organization. This helps employees to communicate issues affecting them in their day to day activities. This helps employee to feel free with their seniors (Garg, 2015). Effective communications enables employees to contribute towards decision making in the organization. It also promotion cordial working relationship because employees feels that they are involved in the decision making process.

Employee motivation

Motivation can be defined as the reason for doing something (Armstrong, 20014). It deals with the factors that influence people to act in certain way. Research has shown that motivation is very important in enhancing employee performance. Motivated workers are not productive because they expect something in return, but because they feel that their effort is appreciated by their employer. Motivating employers helps in changing their behavior to hence affecting their productivity. Motivation can be of two types, either positive or negative. Positive motivation deals with rewards for job well done (Stewart, 2011). It aims at improving the productivity of the employees. Negative motivation involves threats and sanctions which are aimed at discouraging certain behaviors. The goal of many organizations is to motivate their employee positively to increase their productivity.

Motivation theories

Abraham Maslow’s needs Theory

Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs theory of motivation which suggests that human needs can be classified in order of importance. They start with the most basic needs. The theory argues that, once a need has been fulfilled it ceases to motivate an individual, and he or she aims at other needs which are in the higher level (Madsen, & Susan, 2008). Maslow classified this needs into five classes namely: physiological, security, social needs, esteem and self-actualization. An individual start with basic needs and finishes with self-actualization.

Douglas MC Gregor Theory X and Y.

Douglas based his argument on assumptions made by managers about their employees. He classified workers into two groups, theory X and Y. He described theory X as people who disliked their work and who wishes to avoid or escape their responsibilities. According to him, these people should be directed, coerced, and threatened with punishment to work. Theory Y viewed people as people who are willing to work and do not need to be pushed around. They work without being directed and they help in achieving the organizational goals. These types of employee derive satisfaction from work. These employees can be very productive under proper working conditions. They are always ready to accept new responsibilities given to them (John, 2011).


Employee engagement and motivation are very important aspects in enhancing employee productivity. They determine how employees relate with fellow colleagues and with their seniors. The study seeks to establish the gaps in employee motivation and establish how engagement and motivations impact the performance of employees.


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December 15, 2022

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