Elementary School Education

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A career of teaching in an elementary school

A career of teaching in an elementary school is excellent for individuals who attach value to early childhood training and have interest in teaching various subjects. Apparently, an basic teacher has a concrete base in ECD theories, practices, and concepts. Elementary school teachers have the accountability to identify the academic weaknesses and strengths of students at a very early age. Such insights aid the teachers in planning targeted and general curriculum to make certain their students will for successfully continue their education in middle and high school, and in graduate.

Educational requirements and salary

An elementary faculty teacher is expected to have a minimum of a bachelor’s diploma in education or a particular subject like English or mathematics, having teaching credentials in line with the requirements of his or her state (Lieberman, 2017). A state-issued license or teaching certificate is needed for one to become an elementary school teacher. Across the United States of America, the elementary school teachers earn between thirty-six thousand dollars to eighty-five thousand dollars per year, based on the BLS estimates (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Notably, the average salary for these teachers ranges from forty-five thousand dollars to fifty-three thousand dollars. Different organizations have given various figures of the elementary teacher's salary. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts it at $54,890, SimplyHired.com puts it at $47,454, and Indeed.com puts it at $43,000 (Gill, 2012). The employment trend for these teachers tends to be steady in particular geographical areas. In this sense, the general demand for these teachers is increasing in comparison to other careers. Nationally, the BLS approximates a six percent rate of growth for the teachers in elementary schools up to 2024 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

Reasons for choosing Elementary Education

I chose to major in Elementary Education because I have a great passion for teaching children. I find it interesting to work with the kids and enjoy their creativity and honesty. Moreover, I feel proud to play a role in molding young children and see them grow to become responsible citizens. I see teaching in the elementary schools as an opportunity to identify young talents and nurture them. Precisely, teaching in the elementary schools will enable me to work with young children, who just begin to study procedures and comprehend how to communicate with their colleagues from a diverse background within a structured environment.

Pursuing a Master's degree in Elementary Education

I plan to get a Master’s degree in the field of Elementary Education. Essentially, the Bureau of Labor Statistics upholds the notion that the specialists that have a Master’s degree have a bigger possibility of being promoted and receiving pay increases (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Reportedly, even though a Master's degree is not needed for the elementary school teachers, in many states, schools appreciate teachers who are willing to continue their education. Moreover, there are by pre-set salary scales, which have recognition for advanced degrees (Lieberman, 2017). The disparity in wages between a master's degree and bachelor's degree for a beginner is three thousand dollars yearly. Previously discussed factors motivate me to continue my education after getting bachelor’s degree, and to get my master’s degree in Elementary Education field.


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July 24, 2021

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