Employees as assets

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Workers are some of the organization's most significant assets because they are in charge of establishing the corporate image as well as representing the company in customer satisfaction (Kompaso & Sridevi, 2010). Employees are required to fit into an organizational structure and undertake operations on behalf of the company after it has been created. Inspired personnel are devoted to the organization, therefore they will be more productive and will help the organization's reputation by ensuring that customers are satisfied. If the employees are satisfied with their jobs and their work environment, they are likely to be bonded with the organization and in the long run identifying with its goals. Employee commitment is the relationship created between the employee and the organization (Anitha, 2014). Dangerous teams take the employee engagement surveys seriously and use it to foster employee commitment and productivity. It is therefore arguably reasonable that employee satisfaction can only be gauged by using an engagement survey that would highlight their perception and feelings.

The ten questionnaire questions would analyze effects of organizational aspects that foster employee commitment to the organization. The questions would gauge effects of remuneration as well as the passion for employee motivation. Committed employees understand the mission and vision of the organization, feel that they fit in and are determined to produce the in their work (Mone & London 2014). There is a ton of benefits in ensuring the employees are motivated and committed to the organization. Committed employees are highly productive and offer their support readily. Different management and leadership strategies would help the team achieve employee commitment. When the group has met employee commitment, customers will be satisfied, and the organization would achieve much more than when the employees are not committed (Anitha, 2014).

Leader member exchange focuses on the interaction between the leader and members. It concentrates on the effectiveness of leadership. The interaction between leaders and the employees makes the employees want to be part of the direction, in turn, leaders have support from the employees in decision making. Leader member exchange has some positive effects on the employees’ motivation towards their jobs, and some might even request for an increase in their roles. Leader member exchange also fosters mutual trust and respect between the employees and management (Mone & London 2014).

Survey Questions

Does the remuneration encourage you to continue being part of the organization’s goals and visions?

What is the main reason you want that makes identify with the group, feel being part of it and keeps you working here?

If you got another job, would you leave this organization? Why?

Do you feel that your relationship with the supervisor helps you to perform your job well and encourage you to co-operate with the organization’s leaders?

Are you encouraged to support the organization’s leadership in decision making and goal setting?

Do you enjoy being part of the operations of the company?

Do you perceive that your supervisor is supportive personally?

Does your supervisor support the growth of your career? How?

Does the organization support the growth of your career? How?

Do you think that the organization is supportive even when it comes to personal matters?

Importance of the Engagement Survey

There is a ton of benefits of getting to know what the employees think about concerning their jobs, it one of the most valuable tools that can be used to provide a guide for business strategies. Unsatisfied employees could have a detrimental impact on the success of the organization and customer satisfaction; this will, in turn, taint the image of the organization (Anitha, 2014). Apart from reduced customer satisfaction, and a ruined reputation, unsatisfied employees, tend to be less productive as compared to the happy ones. The survey is just like the regular pulse checks done by doctors to determine conditions of the patients, and this is because studies reveal what ails the organization. The study will make the employees feel like their opinions are taken into consideration and that how they feel matters to the organization. If employees feel that they are valuable to the organization, they are more likely to be more responsible. This survey shall provide a useful insight into the attitudes of the employee, their satisfaction, and motivation. Because the study is confidential, it would address employee needs, while making sure that that employees get feedback. It is ideal for measuring employee performance among other aspects that motivate them to perform better.

Effects of Engagement Survey

While (Kompaso & Sridevi, 2010), argues that the information gathered in the survey could be used to implement positive change, Mone & London (2014) states that it could encourage and promote the enthusiasm of the employees in any future survey participation. In the words of Kompaso & Sridevi (2010), to increase the levels of employee commitment, it would be important for the management to offer their support to the employees and depict their commitment in making the employee succeed. It is done by providing tools enabling one to succeed. It would be important to ensure that the level of job compensation and benefits meets the needs of the employees. Anitha (2014), argues that offering training, coaching, and incentives that would help the employee develop their career and income base. An engagement survey is just what any organization needs to foster performance, success, and profitability in the long run.


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