Epidemiology in the Management of Hepatitis B

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In any healthcare practice, epidemiology is a fundamental approach that involves statistical, probability and other related methodologies in the examination of various diseases. It is the primary approach aligned to the promotion of public health and protection of the community from the various lethal diseases. According to Pritchard-Jones, Stevens, McCaughan, and Strasser, (2015), Hepatitis B is one of the health concerns that have significant complications in the body.

            For Hepatitis B, using the epidemiological triangle is the most appropriate method to view the disease from three different factors involved with it, which are inclusive of the causative agent, the environment, and the susceptible host. Nies and McEwen, (2011) note that the disease primarily occurs under the presence of the factors mentioned earlier and any alteration of these factors may disrupt the transfer of the virus and hence eliminate the chances of the illness occurring. The causative agents are inclusive of chemical, physical and biological agents. Moreover, the environmental factors are inclusive of the physical surrounding of the host, who is differentiated among different demographics such as gender and age.

            As Hepatitis B is a health concern to the community, it is essential that a health nurse is involved in the treatment of this and other diseases that may affect the locals. Health promotion theories concerning the collection of relevant data, analysis of the same and location of the primary problem modifying them for their benefit. The nurses can collaborate with the national organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which can aid in the analysis of the obtained data and intervene in the diagnosis and treatment methods. Therefore, the disease affecting a community can easily be treated with epidemiological studies.


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Pritchard-Jones, J., Stevens, C., McCaughan, G., & Strasser, S. (2015). Feasibility, acceptability and safety of a nurse led hepatitis B clinic based in the community. Collegian, 22(2), 233-240.

October 13, 2023



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