Equifax Data Breach

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The idea of a data breach and its impact

The idea of a data breach continues to be a critical topic in today's real world. A large number of people, in fact, have found themselves at the hands of companies that have little to little respect for the privacy of their customers' personal records. The study aims to assess Equifax's data breach in light of how it applies to the class content. The article "Why the Equifax Breach Stings So Bad" will be analyzed, with a synopsis and its relevance to the course material presented. Organizations have a responsibility to protect their client's confidential information and refrain from using it for personal gain.

Summary of the Article

The author raises concerns regarding the increased cases of data breaches in organizations. In particular, there is the question of lack of regard to personal information of clients. In particular, the author states that failure by organizations such as Equifax to maintain the integrity of personal information has resulted in adverse impacts on people as many of them cannot access to get credit facilities at a time when they are in need. The situation has been worsened by the fact that organizations such as Equifax are conducting themselves with impunity and have resorted to disregarding the calls by their clients wanting to inquire more about the issue of the data breach. In general, such concerns have seen a significant percentage of Americans live in fear since they feel insecure. Evidently, questions of unethical and incompetency are depicted. However, the article equally challenges the people to rise up and take control of the situation to protect them from such circumstances.

Article Review of "Why the Equifax Breach Stings So Bad"

The article "Why the Equifax Breach Stings So Bad," was published on the 22nd of September, 2017 by Ron Lieber (Lieber, 2017). The article presents fundamental insight regarding the concept of data breach and the need for organizations to take action against such incidents. The author’s primary concern is the degree of helplessness that customers undergo in the event that organizations share their personal information with unknown individuals. More so, the author questions why firms would take the initiative of demanding personal information only to use that for individual gain such as profit-making. Finally, the article reiterates the fear that has gripped many individuals with regard to fear of loss of financial resources and personal data ending up in wrong hands.

Insights and Analysis

In general, the insights presented by the author are critical and should be condemned. Indeed, the article has been transparent regarding the issue of increased cases of data breach and how it has come to affect people. There is an in-depth explanation of how Equifax has failed to adhere to proper ethical conduct of ensuring the protection of employee data.

The argument presented by the author has been supported by points. For example, the author reports the resentment that customers get when they learn that their personal data is being used by an organization for its own gain while putting them at the mercy of other agencies. The article goes ahead to indicate why one should not be surprised to learn that they cannot get credit because their personal information may have been leaked to different lending credit bureaus.

Efforts have been put by the author to ensure that both sides of the argument have been illustrated. For instance, the article notes the need for an individual's personal information to be passed on by various financial organizations to credit reporting agencies. The author notes that much as the decision to do so may be in good faith, one needs to learn that they will have to live with such a decision for the rest of their lives.

All in all, the article has offered crucial insight regarding the concept of data breach and how it remains to be a nightmare for many. The author has strived to provide an objective argument as to why the issue of a data breach continues to be a problem. The article can be recommended to the general public. They need to understand the dynamics of data breach and the caution to take in dealing with companies that have no regard for personal information.

Relation of the Article to Course Content

Indeed, the article provides crucial insight regarding the issue of oligopoly in the modern business world. In essence, the conduct of Equifax is a reflection of impunity under the disguise that the company is the sole pretense that it is the primary provider of services to the customers. It is unfortunate that the organization has failed to adhere to the established ethical standards and competency in discharging their services to customers. Firms have the mandate to protect customer's personal information, and any breach with regard to the same should be reported (Garcia, 2006). The fact that it is the sole provider of such services should not form the basis of its unwelcome business behavior.

While businesses have the duty of making profits out of their operations, caution should be taken to ensure that they do not violate the rule on the protection of customer data. Overall, the issue illustrated in the Equifax Data Breach is unfortunate and should not happen to any customer. Measures should be taken to protect client personal data.


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November 09, 2022


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