Ethics Of Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

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Ethics of former Congressman Ford, Morgan Stanley, the Reuters reporter Lauren Tara LaCapra, and The New York Post reporting of the firing


Ethics refers to moral principles that guide how we behave and interact with other individuals. An ethical person observes the moral principles that govern our actions. He/she does not act contrary to what is considered morally right. However, this can be at times difficult due to the multiple forces of influences and the grey area (Smith 963). Morality is relative; there exists no specific standard of mortality. It all depends on your location, upbringing among other factors. It is apparent after reading the article, "A Wall St. Executive's Downfall Seemed Sudden. It Was Years in the Making." the New York Post report of the firing of Harold Ford Jr., and Chapter One of Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting; that different experiences and perspectives influence our, moral and ethical decision making

According To Mr. Ford, he had been wrongly accused of Sexual harassment, which led to him being fired from Morgan Stanley, as the act was inconsistent with the company's policies (Fields 94). However, there are glaring weaknesses that emerge from the criterion that was used in firing him. In as much we cannot claim with certainty that Mr. Ford was innocent, the whole case seems like an orchestrated ploy to get rid of Mr. Ford from Morgan and Stanley. The tone in the emails that were exchanged between Mr. Ford and Lauren Tara La Capra is friendly and relaxed. In fact, Lauren thanks him for inviting him out for dinner. We also read that the friendly banter between the two continued for a considerable period. She even sent some of the emails to her a friend with the word Creeper a top. Whether she was referencing to the creeping attitude of Mr. Ford cannot be substantiated (Smith 973). However, it shows how she lightly treated the emails. While it can be argued that Lauren Tara Capra did not report the matter as it was involving a former congressman and the buzz it would generate; it is still strange why she did not report it when it happened. Besides, from the emails, we read that Lauren only complained about inappropriate behavior on the part of Mr. Ford, which made her uncomfortable. The statement inappropriate behavior is vague, and we cannot tell what it means. Again Mr. Ford stated that he had never forcibly held any woman before (Brown).Besides the Morgan's Stanley investigation team concluded that it was he said, she said case and they were unable to find any proof of harassment (Fields 98). Having made his name as a conservative, endeared to both democrats and republicans alike (In fact he was once considered a White House contender), it is clear he is suing the company for ruining his reputation. Mr. Ford had a made a name for himself as a politician who was able to combine secular and religious aspects into his life.

Whenever I read an article, I usually seek to know what is the writer's agenda and purpose. This is because the agenda and purpose significantly influence what the writer writes about. It helps me understand the writer's perspective better. In our case, little information is mentioned about Lauren (Smith 963). The only information that we have is that she is an independent reporter of Reuters. In fact, most of the articles refer to her as "a woman." With this scanty information, it becomes complicated to arrive at a conclusion.

Evidently, the moral and ethical standards of the Morgan Stanley and New York Post are consumer-centered. Both firms are mainly concerned with what a consumer wants; which is not necessarily the right thing (Fields 100). The main purpose of the New York post is usually to inform the reader by delivering information to him/her. However, it has been reported that the New York post exhibits a distinct conservative bias. One criticism is the paper's reporting style uses loaded words to influence the reader. A great example of this practice is in an article dated December 7, 2017, titled, "Ex-lawmaker fired by Morgan Stanly over sexual misconduct Claims."The above can be explained by the paper's conservative agenda. Also, it can also be argued that controversy sells and hence it is why the editor opted for such a title.

Currently, social enlightenment is at the forefront of many organizations. The society has evolved, and the information is disseminated much faster than it used to be (Smith 977). Due to this, it is highly challenging to know what is right or wrong. Morgan Stanley was quick to fire Mr. Ford after the Sexual Claims arose. Remember before the claim he had a frosty relationship with the company's executives (Smith 979). However when analyzed critically we also see that over 300 women working in Morgan Stanley had filed lawsuits over the inappropriate conduct of their male counterparts at work. Maybe the firm fired Mr. Ford perhaps to show the public that it was against women being mistreated. On the same note, we cannot tell if My Ford sexually harassed Lauren, keeping in mind that he was working in an organization that mistreated women.

In conclusion based on Chapter one, class discussions, it is clear that the issue of ethics and morality exhibits relativity and therefore it should be looked at critically before any meaningful conclusion is arrived at. This will help in preventing potential bias. Overall, the issue of all parties concerned should be looked at. While it is understandable that Morgan Stanley was acting on the need to safeguard their name, the incidences reveal many weaknesses on the part of their investigation team. To say that they performed because of the he-said-she-said situation leaves one asking whether a reputable company like Morgan Stanley can base its decision on mere allegations.

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January 19, 2024


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