Famous Musicians of the Seventies

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Rainbow was a British rock supergroup from the seventies. Its members included Ritchie Blackmore, Doogie White, Paul Morris, and Greg Smith. The group was a major force in the music scene during the seventies. Today, their music remains a popular staple in rock music. Ritchie Blackmore was the band's lead singer and was the driving force behind the band's unique sound.

Ritchie Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore, the founder of Rainbow, formed the supergroup in 1975. The band played a variety of genres and toured extensively. The group achieved worldwide recognition for its high energy and catchy songs. The band has remained popular ever since. They influenced countless bands and musicians.

The band's sound was influenced by the thrash style of the '80s. Some songs, like "Coming Home", were the forerunner of speed metal. Ritchie and Tony Blackmore's guitar solos are legendary, and they're accompanied by Ronnie behind the amps.

Doogie White

Doogie White is a rock vocalist from Scotland. He has sung with bands such as La Paz, Alcatrazz, and Rainbow. He has also sung for Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, and Rising Force. He has also recorded for several other bands, including Pray Mantis and Tank.

Doogie White is a talented rock vocalist who has worked with guitar legends such as Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow. His other credits include Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Schenker. White recently joined the band Alcatrazz.

Paul Morris

Paul Morris of The Rainbow Music Band is a legendary Canadian rock musician and keyboardist. Rainbow's debut album, "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow," was released in 1975. The album's title track, "Man on the Silver Mountain," was a minor hit. The group has sold more than 28 million albums worldwide.

In addition to being a keyboardist for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Morris has been a part of many other bands. He also plays keyboards on the album Stranger In Us All, and has also co-written songs with Joe Lynn Turner. He recently collaborated with the Kings of Christmas, which is a group of former Trans-Siberian Orchestra members.

Greg Smith

If you're a fan of blues and jazz, you may have heard of the bassist and vocalist, Greg Smith of The Rainbow Music Band. Smith is one of the more popular bassists in the genre, and his band's members include guitarists Jim Hall and Jeff Ballard. In addition to his bass playing, Smith is also a talented singer and songwriter.

Smith began his professional musical career in the early eighties. He has played with a number of artists, including Vinnie Moore, Alice Cooper and Joe Lynn Turner. In 1994, he joined Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW, and recorded "The Stranger in Us All." In 1997, he played with BLUE OYSTER CULT, and he also made an appearance on Broadway with "Movin' Out."

Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer who has had a diverse career in the music industry. He has toured, recorded, and collaborated with a wide variety of artists and bands. Whether he is working as a solo artist or as part of a band, Turner is known for his hard-rock work. His credits include work with Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and Deep Purple.

Turner's musical career began with a stint with the rock band Fandango. This group signed to RCA Records and released four albums. Joe played lead guitar and sang on several tracks. The band toured extensively and worked with a variety of artists. Joe also supplied backing vocals for Michael Bolton's album, The Hunger. He was featured on the songs "Hot Love" and "Gina."

Ronnie James Dio

The American heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, born Ronald James Padavona, has passed away. He was the founder of the bands Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell and a frontman of many other bands. He was also an accomplished guitarist, bassist, and songwriter.

Blackmore left the band in 1993, and Rainbow was formed with all-new members. The band included Scottish singer Doogie White, and released a number of studio albums. In 1995, the band embarked on a long world tour. One of their concerts, in Dusseldorf, Germany, was professionally filmed for a Rockpalast TV show. The footage became a well-received bootleg, and in 2013 the concert was released officially on CD and DVD.

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