Follow Up on COPD 6 Patient

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How are you! I hope you are fine! My name is ………………….., a nurse at Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic. I have been instructed by your health provider to make a follow up of how you are faring on. Our clinic values the health of our clients and that is why we try hard to make sure that we provide high quality health care and make a follow up to make sure that the patient is in good condition. In conjunction to that, I would like to enforce that it is essential for you to follow the prescription and take all the medication at the required intervals.

During your visit to the clinic, we noted that it has been difficult for you to stop smoking, that, at the moment you smoke one packet of cigarettes per day. This is a situation that has drawn our attention as it is a habit that can interfere with your healing process.

COPD 6, as explained to you earlier, is majorly caused by smoking (Tønnesen, 2013). Thus, smoking cessation has been proved to be the most effective way of healing the situation. I know it is neither easy nor difficult to stop smoking, but it will start with you adjusting your lifestyle. 

 Apart from healing COPD6, smoking cessation will have other benefits to you like significant improvement in heart rate and blood pressure (Tønnesen, 2013). I know it is difficult to change the lifestyle but with time, all will be well, and you will start living a healthy life. Further, in case you feel like you are facing challenges in your recovery process, you are free to visit us and we will help where possible. 

Waiting to hear from you soon 

Best Regards,




Tønnesen, P. (2013). Smoking cessation and COPD. European Respiratory Review, 22(127), 37-43.

August 14, 2023




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