Food Production Trends

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According to Stanford University, the early 1900 was an era of increased food production through farming. The American farmers back then diversified their farming techniques to produce a variety. The farmers kept a variety of livestock for meat and milk production. The farms used skilled workforce to further their farming methods and skills. During this time human labor was used but after industrial revolution, more technologies were employed to transform farming. The modern US agriculture is considered the most efficient in the world (SDSs). Global production of meat has grown as well in the past few years "livestock revolution". The revolution has improved many aspect of human life, the environment and, the economic community (Nielsen, 2017).[2]

Trends in food supplies distribution systems

Stanford University (2010) argues that manufacture of food products and drinks is the biggest in the manufacturing industry. According to statistics, the highest number of people is employed in the food manufacturing firms. In Europe, the number of people employed by these companies is about 1.8 million hence it translates to a elevated Gross Domestic Product. The world today is characterized by better economic entities with relatively high demand for labor resources. Their latest trend includes part-time employment where young people below 30 years get to earn income with minimal qualifications. The growing competition in the food and drink manufacturing system require standardized conditions. Strict legal requirements ensure that employees are well taken care of. Organizations are investing on employee training and development to improve the work force. Global meat production is innovative given that scientist, and policy developers are working behind the scene. Global meat developed innovative measures given that scientist and policy developers are working behind the scene. The meat production supply and distribution has been shaped by social economic factors as follows (FAO, 2018).[3]

Food packaging

Meat production has gone high with a variety of products released into the markets. Through effective packaging there is much convenience in terms of distribution. The type of packaging used now makes it easier to protect to the products against contamination. Meat has been divided into units that facilitate distribution. The meat can be packed and repacked many times and before it reaches the final consumer. Plastic can be used for local consumptions (FAO, 2018).[3]


Stanford University, (2010) reports that the aim of storage is to increase diversity and prolong the length of time in which goods are made available in the market. The significance of effective storage is to maintain pricing. Costs are known to vary depending on the availability of the raw materials over a period. The amount of storage has gone high as well hence when food distributors increase the price of materials to cover up. Cost of the goods also depends on issues such as cost of capital but when there is variety, the cost is lower. Better and more storage options have reduced the cost of meat products for the American community. Cold storage options may have been insufficient in the past but with improved technologies ready accessibility to the products is achieved. An example is availability of cold rooms in retail stores and vehicles designed to transport perishable goods (FAO, 2018).[3]

Food Processing

Processing is the transforming of a product to a more refined and easy to use form. Processing takes time before the product reaches the consumer. Meat products are manufactured based on a careful research to determine if, there is a market for it. Food processing in the world today has been improved due to a number of factors. The process of meat producing currently depends on factors such as infrastructure, packaging, marketing, advertising and management skills among others. These are attributes that have created awareness in the market regarding meat products (Nielsen, 2017).[2]


Traditional methods of food transport were using animal-drawn carts that were used by the farmer transport raw materials. Traders have had alternatives over the years deliver where agents were used to deliver products. The products from different farmers were assembled together and carried. The cost varied depending on the distance from the market. The means production industry is advanced through introduction of food transportation vehicles that contain cold facilities to preserve the meat. The American citizens can have ready access to fresh meat any time they needs (FAO, 2018).[3]

Environmental Effects

The food manufacturing industry is polluted heavily and not just that. The pastures no longer produce enough for the livestock. Livestock keeping requires water, fossil fuels, pesticides and fertilizers, animal waste. Forests have been destroyed unlike in the past. This means pollution of land and other resources. The food industry takes part in social responsibility functions in the country hence it is a strategic move (Nielsen, 2017).[2]

Effects on Humanity

The industry has experienced growth related to commercialization of livestock. The trend contributed to limited job opportunities for people living in the US. The US being a developed nation has standards to be followed by food handling companies are compliant. The industrial production has overtaken small-scale producers hence have been blocked. The pressure that the health authorities are exerting them means that the food industry produces the best. Variety of meat include;- poultry, pork and rabbit. The variety introduced in the market has led to increased usage of meat products in the US. Too much protein product is not recommended since there has been emergence of lifestyle diseases. Human health is vulnerable given that some problems come from contamination of food (Standford University, 2010).[1]

The food and beverage industry have come a long way beginning from traditional forms of handling, transport and use of products. The industry has managed to change the livelihoods of the United States citizens through improved distribution systems. Early transport measures were slower and unsafe for the meat products. Meat is a perishable product hence if mishandled it may lead to consequences on human health. The current world has been transformed by the changes in terms of transport, processing, storage and use. The use of technology has led to improved distribution systems where cold-generated facilities are readily available.

The consumption of meat products has gone higher in the United States. Competition in the market is high hence consumers have a variety of options to choose. Companies that have hired strategic managers have an advantage over the rest. Through strategic management, management standards are applied in the production process. The key aspect is to keep the quality of goods and services. Through interaction by sharing of information is made possible hence the available media. Distribution of information about existing ways of food handling is important for the American citizens.

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November 13, 2023

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