Genghis Khan as a Cultural Hero

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The negative impacts of the Mongol conquest on subject peoples can be balanced by its positive impacts. In essence, history is unsatisfactory if it only dwells on Mongol destruction because the Mongol Empire made significant contributions to the cultural diversity, economic development, and political institution of many lands (Halperin 2). Therefore, if placed side by side, the scale would tip in the side of the Empire’s positive impacts. For example, the Mongol emperors built canals in Persia and China where they had taken residence among the locals to improve communication and transport. Additionally, they improved production and agriculture in China as well as craft traditions in Persia.

            In my opinion, Genghis Khan had various accomplishments that he could list on his resume. According to Matteucci (1), he spread technologies like the compass, paper money, gunpowder, and paper itself throughout Eurasia; revolutionized welfare; and created the nucleus of a world system and universal culture with emphasis on diplomatic immunity, international law, religious tolerance, secular politics, shared knowledge, fair taxation, and free trade. For instance, the tax-free customs zones protected by Khan’s Pax Mongolica benefited the cities along the caravan routes in China, Central Asia, Armenia-Georgia, and Persia.

            Personally, I think that Genghis Khan deserves to be a cultural hero in modern times. Manifest in the subsiding of the Mongols as one of the greatest communities in history, his leadership not only unified people but also empowered them to work hard and cooperate towards achieving common objectives such as conquering neighboring countries. In my opinion, these are the personal attributes that define American cultural heroes. That is, their leadership and interpersonal skills should enable them to promote social integration to attain common goals.

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November 24, 2023

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