Global Warming: CNN's Perspectives on the Issue

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Global Warming and Media Perspectives

Global warming is increasingly becoming an issue of the world concern. The media is out to sensitize people on its effects and how they should help in combating this problem. However, different media houses have differing perspectives on how they present this news. The CNN in an article entitled, “What the new report on climate change expects from you,” gives a detailed analysis of climate change while giving suggestions on what people can do on an individual level to reduce the problem. The article uses referencing extensively from reliable sources. The report is also written in the third person.

Opposing Perspectives

On the other hand, there is a similar report by independent mind titled, “If world leaders can’t be trusted to protect the environment, it’s no wonder people are taking matters into their own hands. This article points out what is wrong instead of providing solutions. It opposes efforts and claims made without providing proof and support from reliable sources. The article is also written using the first person voice.

Reporting Styles for Different Audiences

The audience to whom one is reporting highly determines the mode of reporting used. CNN is a worldwide mainstream media that reaches out to almost all individuals. The use of third person ensures that the report is not personalized by specific individuals while leaving others out. The third person point of view also enables highlighting of individual thoughts on the issue without laying a personal claim to it. The CNN article is also extensively referenced with reliable sources to ensure that no doubt is left. It also helps in proving that the report being presented is true and free from any biasness.

The audience of the independent minds comprises of people that are open to free thinking journalism. This is because the main aim of the media is to support free thinking journalism. This platform allows for journalists to air their own views regarding a topic. The use of the first person voice emphasizes this aspect of individual opinions in reporting. Due to the nature of the reporting, there is insufficient use of resources. The author has made an effort to back up some of the claims but not with sources that have been scientifically proven. The author, Josh Gabattiss, has the opinion that the Indonesian government is supporting logging, which is causing harm to the Orangutans population. This article is opinionated and aims at proving a point without regarding an alternative point of view.

Impacts and Audience Response

The CNN article will have an impact on how people will approach the global warming issue. Implementing the suggestions given will be a sure way of helping in combating the global warming menace. On the other hand, the independent minds article will raise the curiosity of its audience. It may cause people to start pointing fingers instead of rising and taking curative action. The method of news presentation highly depends on the audience. Therefore, we cannot refute any media for airing their news in a certain way as long as it caters to the needs of its audience.

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September 11, 2023

Environment Science

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