History of Badminton

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​​Badminton is a light sport loved by everyone both adults and children. Badminton does not require a specially marked court, a volleyball net, referees, and even strict rules. However, badminton is also a sport included in the program of the Summer Olympics. Naturally, everything is much more serious here: there are arbitrators, a special charter, professional markings, uniforms, etc. In addition, amateur equipment is slightly different from professional equipment: the shuttlecock in the first case is made of plastic and in the second, of natural feathers. Being one of the oldest games that are considered Olympic today, badminton is more than just a street sports game, it requires some serious discipline and training as well.

The History of Development of ​​Badminton

Badminton is one of the oldest games known to the present day. Some evidence suggests that modern badminton evolved from an ancient game of ruffles two or three millennia ago in ancient Greece, China, Japan, India, and Africa. An ancient manuscript states that in 1122 BC, during the reign of the Chu dynasty in China, feather balls were played. And in Japan, there was a common game called "oybane" (translated as "flying pen"). It consisted of throwing wooden rackets over a "ruffle" made of several feathers and dried cherry stones (“Origins and History of Badminton”). Badminton, thus, is indeed one of the oldest sports games played by ancient civilizations. Considering the history of its further development, it can be considered a serious sport.

In France, badminton was called "jeu-de-pomme" (game with an apple) and would later evolve into modern tennis as it is known today. English medieval woodcuts depict peasants throwing shutters over each other. This is evidenced by the engravings of the 18th century. Modern badminton sports originate from the Indian game "Pune" in 1872. Then returned a group of officers of the British colonial troops, who demonstrated a game with a shuttlecock in the town of Badminton in Gloucestershire, which is located around 100 kilometers from the capital city London. The name of the small town soon became known throughout the world, and within a year the British came up with a new game based on badminton, known to the world as tennis (Uber). The modern version of badminton, thus, might not be as old. Still, the game has been taken seriously from the moment of its recognition as a sport, and its connection to the military evidence some serious discipline involved.

In 1875, English officers formed the first Folkestone Badminton Club. Colonel Dolby became the first president of the Badminton Association, and he actively contributed to the formulation of the rules of the game. In March 1898 the first official badminton tournament was held in England, and on April 4, 1899, the first All-English Championship was held in London. This tournament marked the beginning of the tournament, the "English Open", which is held annually (except during the First and Second World Wars) and is the most prestigious tournament in the world (Uber). The status of badminton as a sport and its place in championships strongly confirms the completeness of this sport and its specific training program as well as a separate discipline.

On July 5, 1934, the International Badminton Federation (IBF) was established, and it is no coincidence that most of the countries that founded the federation were part of the former British Empire: England, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Wales, France, and Scotland. Currently, 186 countries on all continents are members of the International Badminton Federation. Official personal world championships are also held - the first was held in 1977 in Sweden’s Malmo. Since 1992, badminton competitions have been held as part of the Olympic Games. In addition, the IFAC holds a large number of individual tournaments, the Super Series and Grand Prix (“Origins and History of Badminton”). The international recognition of badminton on a professional level establishes its status as a complete sports discipline once and for all.

Badminton is a very energetic game, and it is not as traumatic as tennis or cricket. During a match of badminton, children develop such qualities as agility, endurance, flexibility, speed, and strength. Children are most often admitted to the badminton section from the age of 8, and in some cases classes start at the age of 10-12 in the preparatory group. Usually, the training program includes in addition to exercises aimed at developing general physical training, there are special exercises, and the training program includes moving games. It is worth noting that it is more difficult for preschool children to understand the basics of badminton than for school children. Therefore, it is important not to rush as at an early age, the child can be involved in family games of badminton. But serious, regular classes are best started at school (“Origins and History of Badminton”). The approved professional training program should not damage the health and wellbeing of the child and, at the same time, provide insightful experience in this sport.


Over time, India, the birthplace of badminton, spread it around the world. And so, in England, the International Badminton Federation was established and began to hold world championships in this sport - the Thomas Cup. Only men took part in them, and in 1955 the championship for women - the Weber Cup was organized. In short, England contributed not only to the emergence of this game in Europe but also its spread and recognition as a separate sport. ​​Badminton is a great game for all ages and develops good physical health.

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