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Unlike informal education, formal education is organised and designed. It follows a prescribed curriculum, and it is administered by trained professional teachers. It also requires intermediate and final assessments. It is often based on the norms of the government or institution. It also provides specialised programmes for vocational training. It is often administered by school districts on a smaller scale.

The term "formal education" refers to a system of education provided by teachers, schools, and other educational institutions. It involves the training of professional teachers, the development of curriculums, and the provision of books, educational materials, and other resources. It is also governed by organizations and institutions, and requires a minimum amount of classroom attendance. It is also usually associated with a set of desired behavioural objectives. It usually leads to recognition and a formally recognised certificate.

In the past, education was a privilege for rich people and for boys from wealthy families. Children of serfs and other low-income groups were denied access to formal schooling. This was the case until very recently. Today, education is a basic right in most parts of the world. The Government of Canada has introduced a new initiative to reach out to children who have not reached school. This initiative will create a link between formal and non-formal education, and will facilitate inclusion. This new initiative will help children learn skills for life, and it will also help children who are excluded from school to reach school.

The early years of formal education in China were marked by a highly secular and moral approach to learning. It developed moral sensitivity and taught duty towards the community. It also provided for harmonious human relations. It was an efficient means of cultural transmission. In the Middle Ages, education was based on family income. Children of wealthy families and those from wealthy families were expected to attend school, while the sons of merchants and noblemen had access to the best teachers.

As the modern world has become more complex, the amount of knowledge that can be passed on has become more complicated. The quantity of knowledge that can be taught in schools continues to depend on the social class and ethnicity of the students. In many countries, education is funded by the state.

A formal education system is hierarchically organized, and students learn from teachers who have been trained and licensed. The curriculum and textbooks are created to meet specific standards. It includes specialised programmes for vocational training and full-time technical and professional training. Despite the existence of these programmes, there are still a variety of non-formal educational options available. Non-formal education can be defined as a way of acquiring knowledge and skills by using different resources, such as art exhibitions, work experience, or conversations with neighbours. It also is characterized by an emphasis on immediate personal growth, and it is often unintentional from the perspective of the learner.

The term "formal education" has several variants. It includes specialised programmes for vocational training, full-time technical and professional training, and a variety of specialised programmes for education in the community. It is also governed by organizations and school districts. In some countries, children attend preschool, and in other countries, they are required to attend all levels of preschool.

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