How I Overcame Writing Challenges

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Writing Can Be Challenging

Writing can be challenging. It is especially tricky when you are undertaking a task that you do not understand. My most challenging task was report writing. I found it challenging in high school. However, I have since improved on it, and I can now effectively handle report writing tasks. In high school, there was a time we were required to write a report for a trip. It was to entail the highlights of the trip and what we had learned. I did not know the format or the information to include. After scoring poorly in the assignment, I embarked on learning how to write good reports, and through practice, I have perfected in the area.

The Importance of Attitude

I have realized that attitude contributes to the challenge posed in handling tasks. I had a poor attitude towards writing since I viewed it as confusing and unhelpful. To address the problem, I started developing the right approach. That involved believing in myself. Initially, I had a dislike for report writing since I found it unmanageable. I avoided doing it at all costs and procrastinated whenever my teacher assigned to such tasks. Procrastination does not get rid of a problem, it only postpones it and sometimes magnifies it. Over time, I realized that I must get rid of procrastination by all means. To do that, I started setting deadlines for myself. When given such a writing task, I ensured that I started doing it immediately so that I had enough time to proofread and better the quality of the work.

The Power of Determination and Perseverance

To overcome any challenging task one needs determination and perseverance. The commitment involves setting targets and working towards them. In my case, I set the goal of writing a report at least once a week and giving my teacher to assess. It was not easy to accomplish the targets, and occasionally I would fall behind. However, I persevered the long hours of writing and even had to sacrifice my free time to improve my skills. Handling a challenging task can breed inferiority and self-doubt. I felt inferior to the other students. I knew that I was not good enough in language and, therefore, contributed less in class for fear of embarrassment. It was when I started building self-confidence that the task became more comfortable to handle. Mentors are also critical when handling challenging tasks. When it came to report-writing, my most significant mentor was my English language teacher. He advised me and gave me the extra assignment to do. Each time, I handled the tasks, he would correct me, therefore giving me a chance to improve my skills. He also helped me develop a positive attitude towards the subject.

Improving Writing Skills

I have been able to improve my writing skills through extensive reading and regular practice. Writing skills are not developed instantly but can be grown over time. One of the ways of going about improving my writing skills is by reading grammar books. The books give the structures for every style of writing, not only report writing. Through the readings, I have been able to improve my grades in all courses since my work is presentable. I also read novels while help to sharpen my language, therefore, making me more competitive. The only way of improving the writing skills for any student is by first identifying the points of weaknesses and developing measures to improve them.

August 21, 2023




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