Human Rights in Yemen

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There has been a prolonged conflict in Yemen which has led to a crisis; it has caused adverse impacts on the life of people in the country. The state’s economy and essential public services have also been affected by the clash. In the course of the battle, approximately 2 million persons have been forced to flee their homes, and more than 14 million individuals are in dire need of food ("On Brink of 'Worst Famine in 100 Years'"). According to reports, there has been a 164 percent increase in the number of civilian deaths over the last few months ("On Brink of 'Worst Famine in 100 Years'"). This has happened because of the raised violence. Inhabitants are struggling to survive in camps, and the situation has augmented the danger of severe outbreaks of communicable diseases such as cholera. The NBC News papers posit that there have been more than one million cases of the illness ("Three Stats That Reveal the Scale of the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis"). The state is at a brink of facing the worst famine in the world in 100 years if the cruelty is not stopped. Saudi led coalition enforces the war in the nation, targeting Shia rebels in Yemen. World leaders and security organizations such as the United Nations Security Council have not done much to avert the disaster that is about to break out. Even though there have been calls from politicians and humanitarian corporations to end the abuse, there are more things that need to be done to make sure that the nation will not extinct because of the starvation. For such effects to be avoided, officials and different companies must act against the perpetrators of assault. As they conduct their activities in Yemen to help the internationally recognized government take control, human rights ought to be preserved and respected.

The aid offering agencies have grossly underestimated the magnitude of crisis in Yemen. According to news reports, food security experts have had a difficult task in trying to create projections for the United Nations general assembly (Summers). The currency in the country plunged at a high rate, and this provoked an escalation in the food prices. The increment has been said to advance a number of people who are at risk of famine from 1.5 million to 2 million individuals. In the present, about 13 million members of the population in the state are facing hunger. The condition has been worsened by bombings that are being carried out by Saudi Arabia alliance. The report shows that among those affected by the attacks are mainly women and children as well as others who are not directly involved in the war ("On Brink of 'Worst Famine in 100 Years'"). By ensuring that the rights of such persons are defended during hazards, many of the innocent civilians who are being influenced by the conflict will not be impacted anymore. Thus, the nation will regain its stability.

During the period of three years of the combat, more than 16,700 inhabitants have lost their lives, and some more have been injured. This has made the bloodshed be classified as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world (Nissenbaum). Even with these claims of gross human rights violations, the United States has continued offering support to UAE on its fight against Iran-based rebels who are linked to Al-Qaeda. Regarding a news report on the Wall Street Journal, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo endorsed the plan by America to go on encouraging the operations of the Saudi coalition (Nissenbaum). The USA employs such measures because it does not want to lose the $2 billion sales of weapons to the provocateur and its allies in the Gulf. It can be noted that the government is not for the war as a means of protecting human rights or hastening the process of delivering the internationally recognized power to Yemen. To end the crisis in the country, the top countries in the world need to stop their abutment of the clash. The continued help to the coalition means that people will be disregarded and the risk of a famine will be increased.

As it can be seen from the paper, the confrontation in Yemen is caused by the abuse of people’s rights that is being led by Saudi Arabia association. News reports indicate that many innocent individuals are being killed each time there is an air strike in the country. Because of this, many persons have been displaced from their homes, and there has been an additional danger of starvation. The support of war by countries such as the United States of America have even deterred the situation in Yemen. By finding ways to preserve the liberties in the state, the hanger crisis that is looming will be averted.

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August 21, 2023

Human Rights

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